July 18, 1919 - LORDSHIP TEAM WINS: The Lordship Park baseball team defeated the Cudahy Packing Co. team at Lordship Park yesterday by a score of 18 to 4. The Lordships will play the Athletic Independents at Lordship Park today.

July 23, 1919 - LORDSHIPS BEATEN: The Athletic/Independents defeated the Lordship Park baseball team at Lordship Park Monday afternoon by a score of 8 to 2. In the evening the Lordship ball club officially organized with the following officers: Manager Bill Jacobs; captain, H. Horkheimer; secretary/treasurer, Chucky Franz; custodian of property, W. Horkheimer.

May 2, 1920: GREENS FARMERS TO PLAY LORDSHIP NINE: The baseball season of 1920 will open at Lordship Manor this afternoon at three when the Lordship team will tackle the Greens Farms team. It will be the opening game for both clubs, but the quality of ball on tap will be speedy, due to the fact that many semi-professional stars will be seen in action. Chills and thrills will be furnished at 3:30 when Daredevil Murphy will leap from the wing of Lieutenant Hogues airplane at an elevation of 1,500 feet in a parachute. This feature is one of the greatest ever devised in aerial stunts. The teams will take the field as follows: Lordship: Condon first base; Hurley second base, Bodell center field; Franz catcher; M. House third base; S. House shortstop; Dunnell pitcher; Horkheimer left field and Cook right field. Greens Farms: McElwee center field; Shafer third base; Brown shortstop; Millinski right field; Marks first base; Maddock left field; Sunderland second base, Brower pitcher and Troy catcher.

June 1920: LORDSHIPS ARE VICTORS OVER FEDERALS 11 TO 1: The Lordship nine defeated the Federals of the East End in a fast game of ball last night at Lordship by the score of 11 to 1. Both teams played an excellent brand of ball. The Federals are the fastest team of players that ever came up against the Lordship nine and the Beach boys had to work for their game. Eddy Tickey pitched an excellent brand of ball as did Eiseman of the Federals. Tickey striking out five men and Eiseman four. Great credit is due the Wilkenda Land Company for the condition they have put the diamond in the last two nights. Through some misunderstanding this work which was to have been done two weeks ago was not done, until after the game with the Brass Company team on Tuesday night.

June 23, 1920: HORKHEIMER STRIKES OUT 17 IN GREAT GAME: Harold Horkheimer, the pride of Lordship today stands high in the eyes of semi-pro fans. Pitching for the Lordship nine against the Athletics last evening. Horkheimer struck out 17 men, allowed but two hits and passed one man. At the same time, Horkheimer and his partners in crime smashed the ball in an unmerciful fashion and succeeded in running away with the game by the score of 13 to 1. The one run the Athletics did get was not scored until the eight inning, when there were two men down and it looked red for the Athletics, but Kelly their left fielder, slid across the home plate just in time to save them from a shutout. One feature of the game was the fielding of Kelly for the other side. From the first until the last, the Lordship boys continued to slam the ball around in regular big league style. After the sixth inning Horky let up a little, but it did no good, the Athletics insisted on being struck out. In the fourth inning, Horky retired the East Enders in order and Lordship getting at bat, proceeded to bring in five runs. Horkheimers work was such as has never been seen in this town before. He had the Athletics helpless from the first ball thrown. His control was perfect as he passed (walked) but one man. He sent 17 men to the bench after they had made fruitless attempts to connect with the apple. This is not Horkheimers first game with the Lordship nine, although it is the first real game he has pitched this year because he has been playing with the Albany team in the Eastern League. Speaking of the game today, Captain House said he never saw such clean hits as were knocked out on the field last night. On Thursday night the Lordship team has another good game on tap for the fans when they play their old rivals the Stratford A. C. There has been great rivalry between these two teams for the last year or two and as both teams have a strong lineup a great game is expected.

July 31, 1920: LORDSHIP TOSSERS TO PLAY BRIDGEPORT GIANTS: Monday evening will see the Lordship nine in action after a long week of rest for their schedule calls for a game with the Bridgeport Giants, a team of colored lads, who have yet to be beat. Joe Dunnell, star pitcher for the Beach boys, will do the hurling while either Eddie Tickey or Chucky Franz, will be on the receiving end. The Lordships will probably lineup as follows: Dunnell, pitch; Tickey, catch; Condon, first base; H. Horkheimer, second base; S. House, shortstop; Joe Hurley or C. Franz, third base; D. Mallaney, left field; A. Bodell, center field; W. Horkheimer, right field. All players will please report at 6:30 sharp on Monday evening.

August 8, 1920: FEARLESS FEDERALS DEFEAT LORDSHIP: On the Lordship diamond Friday evening, Yellow DeLormes All-Stars from the East End composed mainly of members of the Federal Athletic Club team trimmed the Lordship nine by the close score of 2 to 1. Manager Bill Jacob scoured the city in the effort to put a formidable nine in the field against the Federals and the defeat sustained by his team was a bitter pill to swallow. The Federals could have piled up a higher score, but they desired to make the contest look like a regular game. Henneghan pitched for the Federals and Dunnell pitched for Lordship. The Federals had 10 hits and no errors. Lordship had 3 hits and 2 errors.

August 15, 1920: DOUGHTY DUPONTS LARRUP LORDSHIP: DuPont Fabrikoid team of Fairfield administered the worst trimming to Lordship team ever sustained by the latter organization since it has been in baseball at the Lordship Manor stadium Wednesday evening. The score was 10 to 0. The DuPonts chased three pitchers out of the bow and pounded out the base hits with a will. There were few features. Dupont had 16 hits and 1 error. Lordship had 4 hits and 2 errors. Moran pitched for DuPont. Dunnell, Kelly and Horkheimer pitched for Lordship.

April 26, 1924 - LORDSHIP ATHLETES TO HOLD DANCE MONDAY: A dance and social will be given by the Lordship Athletic association Monday, April 28th at the firemens Hall, with orchestra music. The Blessed Sacrament quartette will render vocal selections. The Lordship Athletic Association will open the baseball season Sunday April 27th. They will play the Strand A.C. at Lordship at 3 p.m.

September 2, 1924 - The baseball game played between the Married Men's baseball team and the Lordship Athletic Association on the A.A. diamond Sunday was won by the Athletic Association. The score was 6 to 3.

August 7, 1924 - MARRIED MEN SCORE OVER LORDSHIP TEAM: The Married Men of Lordship defeated the Beach Colony team 4 to 1 in a baseball game played on Lordship diamond Tuesday night. The game lasted five innings being called by darkness. The feature of the game was a home run by Lynch. It was the only counter registered by the Beach Colony team. Foleys fielding was a feature.

July 4, 1924: FIREMEN AND COPS WANT GAME: The members of Stratford Fire Department Company No. 1, at Stratford Center, have been aroused by reports from Lordship that the firemen down there are "considerable" ball players. The members of No. 1 company admit that they may not be Babe Ruths or Christy Mathewsons, but they feel that by drafting Dave Dinan, Pat Flanagan or other members of the Police department, quartered in the adjoining building, they can take the measure of the Lordship firemen on the baseball diamond. They issued this statement today in the nature of a challenge to the ball swatters of the Lordship Meadows.

May 15, 1949: STRATFORD TWILIGHT LEAGUE TO OPEN SEASON ON MAY 24: The first senior twilight baseball league in Stratford since the early 1930s will get under way on May 24 at Longbrook Park under the supervision of the Town Recreation Department. Six teams have entered the circuit and games will be played every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. The clubs that have received franchises are: American Legion, Holy Name, Vets, Strat Motors, Jeans Red Roof and Lordship Youth Organization.


Lordship was one of the four original Little League teams in the Stratford Little League run by Sterling House and sponsored by Raybestos. All games were played at the Raybestos Memorial Field. Holy Name, Sterling House and Raybestos were the other 3 teams. The Lordship teams (major and minor) were sponsored by the Lordship Youth Association which was sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club.

April 9, 1948: YOUTH GROUP PLANS FOOD SALE APRIL 17 FOR FUNDS TO EQUIP BASEBALL TEAM: The newly organized Lordship Youth Organization will conduct a food sale April 17 starting at 10 am in the former Aubin Marine store, Jefferson Street for the purposed of raising funds to outfit a boys baseball team for entry into the Sterling House League. The sale will feature home baked foods and a delivery service is planned to accommodate those unable to call at the store. Donations of food items will be appreciated the group has announced and members will call for any such contributions. John Saul and Ruth Ringler were named co-chairmen at a meeting of the organization Monday night in the home of Patricia Johnson at which plans for the food sale were formulated. Gene Ferrio presided. The youth group, sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club, which continues in an advisory capacity, is comprised of high school and college students of the Lordship area.

August 5, 1949: LORDSHIP YOUTH DOWNS THE STERLING SENIORS 4-2: The Lordship Youth Organization evened its series with the Sterling House seniors at one game each by topping the Sterlings 4-2 at Birdseye Field last night. Wray on the mound for Lordship, limited the Sterlings to four hits while his teammates three singles and four walks and three Sterling errors tallied four runs. Conny Orloff, Joe Wallenta and Dave Burns made the hits off of Don Spelling, Sterling twirler, while Fred Raphaely, Ron Barber, George Krug and Henny Holt hit safely for the Sterlings.

October 7, 1949: LORDSHIP LITTLE LEAGUERS END SEASON WITH 12 LOSSES: The Lordship Fathers Clubs Little League baseball team which ended its season recently, had a record of three wins and twelve losses during the season. Edward Brighindi was the leading hitter of the team batting .400, followed by William Robinson with .333. The boys were coached by Gene Ferrio, assisted by Cliff Stratton, William Robinson, John Gorman and Joseph Corito. Members of the team included: Peter Becker, Edward Brighindi, Robert Cooney, Philip Corito, Anthony Defeo, Sandy Defeo, Edward Finnegan, Sean Gorman, James Klosek, Malcolm Ottaway, William Robinson and John Stratton.

October 7, 1949: LYO BASEBALL TEAMS ENDS BAD SEASON WITH 14 LOSSES: The Lordship Youth Organization farm baseball team completed its second season on the diamond with a record of five wins, 14 losses and two ties. Ken Priestly led the team in batting with an average of .363. Members of the team are Alex Accardi, Joseph Brighindi, Dave Burns, Ray Doyle, Gene Ferrio, Robert Griffin, Chris Nelson, Conny Orloff, Jack Percell, Ken Priestly, Paul Selander, Bill Swift, Delbert Thieman, Joseph Wallenta, Harold Weidman and Donald Wray. Team captain was Donald Wray and coach was Gene Ferrio.

May 15, 1950: YOUTHS PLAY BALL TONIGHT: The Lordship Youth Organization baseball team will play its opening game against the Holy Name team today (Friday) at 6 pm at Longbrook Park. The battery will be Don Wray, pitching and Connie Orloff, catching.

September 1, 1950 - Captain Ed Brighindi garnering three hits led the Lordship Little Leaguers to their third, second round victory Tuesday night, August 29 defeating Sterling House by a score of 8 to 1. Brighindi hit two doubles and a single to lead a seven hit attack against Sterling House pitcher Kerimsky. Lordship came up with four runs in the fifth inning to break up a 1 to 1 deadlock and went on to score three more in the sixth to clinch victory. Tony Defeo kept up his hitting pace by getting two singles along with one hit apiece by John Straton and Jim Klosek. Bill Robinson who is showing improvement with each pitching assignment added to the fine hitting support by holding Sterling House batters to but one run and five hits, striking out seven and issuing no walks.

August 2, 1951 - MIDGET TEAMS PLAY: The Lordship Little League farm team will play a doubleheader in the Sterling House Midget baseball league at Birdseye field Saturday morning. In the first game at 9, the Lordships meet the Sterlings, while the Holy Names oppose Lordship at 10:30.


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August 8, 1951 - STERLINGS PLAY LORDSHIP: The Sterling House and Lordship Little League farm squads will vie for second round honors at Birdseye field at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. Ray Klein is slated to hurl for the Sterlings with Ed Finnegan his opponent.

September 21, 1951: LORDSHIP LITTLE LEAGUE TEAMS: The Lordship Little League farm team has completed its season play with a record of 7 wins and 8 losses. Art Ricketts was the leading hitter with a .470 mark and he was followed by Don Kaiser at .368 and Ted Johnson at .317. The boys who were members of the farm team are: Allen Curtis, Dick Robinson, Bill Soldi, Fred Marino, Ed Finnegan, Art Ricketts, Ted Johnson, Jim Penders, Vince Lynch, Bob Ihrke, Dave Olsen, Dwight Johnson, Don Kaiser, Bill Crawford and Bob Henderson. The Lordship Little League major team ended their season on the right foot this past week by defeating Raybestos 1 to 0. The brilliant hurling of Bill Robinson, who pitched his last Little League game, was combined with the errorless play of his teammates in the field to hold Raybestos scoreless. Robinson allowed only 2 hits while striking out 7 in his winning effort. Lordship scored its winning run in the last half of the fifth inning on a double by Sean Gorman and a single by Bob Holmgren which scored Jim Penders who was pinch running for Gorman from second with the big run. The Lordship squad had a seasons record of 3 wins and 15 defeats. This years team was made up of many young players who still have two and three seasons of Little League competition left. The boys who have completed Little League play this year are: pitcher Bill Robinson, catcher Jim Klosek, centerfielder Harry Wilcoxson, and third baseman Don Kaiser. The team will miss the guidance and encouragement these four boys provided the younger inexperienced players throughout the season. Bob Ihrke finished the season as the leading batter at a .222 mark and he was closely followed by Jim Klosek at .216. Don Kaiser had the most hits getting 9 and Jim Klosek and Bill Robinson scored the most times, each crossing the plate 4 times. The bouts who were member of this years team are: Bill Robinson, captain; Jim Klosek, Don Kaiser, Harry Wilcoxson, Sean Gorman, Bob Holmgren, Bob Ihrke, Ted Johnson, Art Ricketts, Ed Finnegan, Jim Penders, Dick Robinson, Vince Lynch and Fred Marino.

May 22, 1952: FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!: The Lordship Little League major team and minor team opened their season this past week both suffering defeats by Raybestos and Sterling House respectively. The teams, which are considered the youngest in their respective leagues show definite signs of improvement with the experience of one or two games. Bob Holmgren had the only hit in the major defeat, while Bill Soldi accounted for two and Bill Lightfoot one for the minors. Both teams will see action again this week with the majors opposing Sterling House Thursday (tonight) and Friday at 6:00 and Raybestos on Saturday at 1:30 pm at Raybestos field. The minors will oppose Holy Name on Saturday at 9 am at Birdseye field.


August 29, 1954 - MEET FOR FOURTH TIME IN TITLE SCRAMBLE: For the fourth consecutive time Holy Name and Lordship vie at 2 p.m. for the second round title of the Stratford Little League at Memorial Field this afternoon. These clubs have battled to three ties in their last meetings. Holy Name copped the first round title and a win for them would give the Doves the 1954 League crown. A win for Lordship would necessitate a three game playoff. Jack Olexovich will pitch for Lordship and John Chickos for Holy Name.

June 17, 1955 - LORDSHIP SCORES 6 to 5: The Lordship team took over sole possession of first place in the Stratford farm system by edging Raybestos, 6 to 5, yesterday at Lordship field. John Baroni sparked the winners with two hits. Vin Latka hit a four-bagger for Raybestos.


Lordship was in the Stratford Little League from 1948 to 1955. In 1956 they joined the newly formed PAL Little League and were replaced by Stonybrook. The Stratford LL was renamed the Stratford Original LL. All boys who lived south of the railroad tracks were eligible to play in the PAL League. Boys who lived north of the tracks played in the league sponsored by Raybestos. The PAL League was sponsored by Avco Lycoming. Cliff Hutchison of Lordship was the first president of the PAL League. Birdseye, Center and Honeyspot were the other teams. Robert Thompson and James Ferguson were the coaches.

January 15, 1956: STRATFORD LITTLE LEAGUE SETUP TO CHANGE: IN the increase from one to two Little Leagues for 1956 in Stratford, the original circuit (sponsored by Raybestos) must find a replacement for the Lordship entry, which becomes a part of the new setup, named the Stratford PAL Little League. President Steve Danko announces that the new team will probably be drafted from the Stony Brook School area and will bear that name. The Raybestos, Sterling House and Holy Name teams will remain as holdovers. Besides Lordship, the other three entries in the new loop will bear the names of schools – Honeyspot, Birdseye and Center. Sponsorship of the league comes from the Avco plant. Cliff Hutchison, who was assistant coach of the Lordship club moves with that team to become president of the new league.

1956: Lordship Little League team would win the PAL League championship, but would lose to Raybestos 2 games to 0 for the town championship.

May 2, 1957: LORDSHIP FAVORITE IN PAL LEAGUE: Lordship under coach Ed Finnegan and Al Baroni is a strong favorite to cop PAL loop honors again based chiefly on a solid hurling staff and veterans at several key positions. Although pitchers Bob Markis and Don Lynch, infielder Bill Lightfoot and Bob Thomsen were lost by graduation, the South Enders have come up with capable replacements to supplement a stellar crop of returning vets. In pitcher Warren Harding they possess a hurler who most league officials agree will be the loops to chucker. To back Harding, Finnegan can call on veteran Tom Penders while Bob Baroni, a three year Little League performer gives the club solid catching. Hugh Hutchison rates with the leagues best infielders and Ray Lynch, Bob Kardos and Jim Ring may open in the outfield. Our club probably will be the team the others must beat, according to Finnegan. We have played a number of the towns other teams and done very well.

June 20, 1957: LORDSHIP WINS, 17-0: Rapping out a total of 17 hits the Lordship All-Stars soundly whipped the Center team, 17-0, in a Stratford PAL Little League contest Tuesday at Lycoming field. Harding and Lynch combined to do the hurling for Lordship each allowing one hit.

June 27, 1957: LORDSHIP MINORS PAL CHAMPS: The Lordship Minors won the championship of the Stratford PAL Little League. Team members include Billy Kellers, Clifford Bunting, John Buda, William Cibulsky, Joe Frattaroli, David Leahy, William Franz, Thomas Brown, Jimmy Janssen, Edward Hovan, Wally Denzel, Jimmy Stafferoni, Bobby and Jimmy Ernst, Tommy Ripley, Bobby Goral and Paul Olexovitch.

July 7, 1957: WARREN HARDING GETS NO HIT WIN: Southpaw Warren Harding spun a no hitter as Lordship defeated Birdseye 4-0 in the feature of a Stratford PAL Little League doubleheader at Lycoming Field. Harding helped his own cause with a fourth inning home run.

November 14, 1957: STRATFORD PAL LITTLE LEAGUE: Players and coaches were feted at a banquet given by the Avco Manufacturing Company this past week. The Lordship Little League Minors were district winners in their division and the following boys received trophies: Billy Kellers, Billy Franz, Bob Ernst, Paul Olexovitch, Eddie Hovan, Jimmy Stafferoni, Tommy Ripley, Billy Cibulsky, Bobby Goral, Tom Brown, Jimmy Janssen, Frank Kiernan, Jimmy Ernst, Cliff Bunting, Walter Denzel, John Buda and David Leahy. Lordship Little League Majors were second place winners in their division and the the following boys received trophies: Hugh Hutchison, Jim Ring, Tommy Penders, Warren Harding, Ray Lynch, Bob Baroni, Walter Brown, Tommy Lightfoot, Greg Lynch, Brian Shannon, Bobby Hessels, Eddie Hargus, John Rooney, Billy Hansen and Bob Kardos.

June 9, 1958: LORDSHIP WINS FIRST HALF PAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Lordship annexed the first half Championship of the Stratford PAL Little League by whipping the Center combine, 4 to 1, Saturday afternoon at Lycoming field. Lordship finished the first half with a 8-1 record. Johnny Rooney and Eddie Genga paced Lordship at bat with two hits apiece. Bill Lichtenberger drove in the only Center run with a double to deep center.

June 27, 1958: LORDSHIP FARM TEAM IN CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Saturday at 9:30 Lordship and Center will clash for the Little League farm system championship at Lycoming Field. Billy Franz with a 5-1 record will pitch for Lordship.

August 15, 1958: Last weekend Honeyspot swept two straight from Lordship in a best of three series to determine League Champion. In the first game Lordship leadoff batter John Rooney singled and came all the way home on three wild pitches. But that was all for Lordship. Melito set down eighteen consecutive batters as Honeyspot won 4 to 1. Honeyspot won the second game 4 to 0 and will enter a round robin series with the North End and Stratford Original leagues to determine town champions. Final season standings were Lordship 13-5, Honeyspot 12-6, Center 6-12 and Birdseye 5-13.


July 16, 1959: PAL LITTLE LOOP CLOSES SEASON: LORDSHIP WINS: The Lordship team led by Allan Craig, Bobby Cockfield, Eddie Genga, Ed Hargus, Brian Shannon, Jim Stafferoni and Don Feltovick swept to a brilliant 17-1 record and an easy 1959 Championship in the Stratford PAL Little League. Hargus was the leagues top chucker with the lowest earned run average while Craig, Cockfield and Genga were in the top five in hitting. Bobby Goral also of Lordship hit the longest ball of the year, a home run over the 250 foot fence. The Stratford PAL Little League has also selected their All-Star team which will represent the league in the district play downs slated to get underway on July 25. Lordship players on the team are: catcher Ed Genga, infielders Bob Goral, Bob Cockfield and Brian Shannon, outfielders Jim Stafferoni and Allan Craig, pitcher Ed Hargus.

July 16, 1959: DINNER FOR LORDSHIP CHAMPS: The Lordship team, winners of the Stratford PAL Little League championship were feted at a dinner at the Casa-Baroni by their coach, Al Baroni last Saturday. The boys finished the season with a 17-1 record. Their next appearance will be on July 25 at Sikorsky Field when the All-Stars open against the East End team of Bridgeport. Among the guests at the dinner were Blackie Genga, Mrs. Ed Hargus, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ernst, Mrs. Al Baroni and team members; Ed Genga, Joe Frattaroli, Jim Stafferoni, Bob Gloral, Tom Lightfoot, Brian Shannon, Francis Winner, Don Feltovic, Alan Craig, Bob Cockfield, Ed Hargus, Bo Ernst, Mark Valentine, Pinky Penders and Ken Goral.

April 2, 1959 - LITTLE LEAGUE NOTES: The Stratford PAL Little League will conduct its initial practice and registration Saturday morning at Birdseye field and Lordship field. All boys between the ages of 8-12 may register for the major or farm teams. Managers for the three teams that will register at Birdseye field are Ed Wojcicki, Honeyspot team; Ken Niederhauser, Birdseye team; and Bill Luce, Center team. Al Baroni will meet the Lordship team at Lordship field in the rear of the firehouse. Lordship will sponsor two farm teams under the management of Warren Earnst and Tom Bunting.

May 14, 1959 - STRATFORD PAL LEAGUE: Rallying for three runs in the bottom half of the sixth inning, the Lordship team nipped Centre, 3 to 2, in a Stratford PAL Little League tilt Tuesday night. Ed Genga was the batting star for Lordship hitting a home run in the final canto to drive in the tying and winning markers. Andy Towse turned in a fine running catch for Center to thwart an early Lordship rally. Feltovic was the winning pitcher.


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August 28, 1959 - LORDSHIP TEAM GAINS STRATFORD LL FINALS: The Red Sox were eliminated from the Stratford Little League Town championship tournament last night as the Lordship team scored a 4-0 victory behind the three-hit pitching of Eddie Hargus. By winning, the Lordship team qualified to play the Stony Brook team, Stratford Original Little League champs, for the town title Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at Raybestos Memorial field. Two hits and three walks staked the Lordship team to a 2-0 lead in the first inning of last night's game. Alan Craig drove in the other two Lordship runs with a fourth inning single. Hargus limited the Red Sox, last year's tournament champions, to three hits while striking out 11 and walking two. Only one Red Sox player reached third base in the game. After Hadoulis doubled in the fourth inning, Ernest cut off a sure run when he made a diving shoestring catch of Luke's line drive through short and doubled Hadoulis off second base.

September 3, 1959: LORDSHIP IS LITTLE LEAGUE TOWN CHAMPIONS: Congratulations to Coach Al Baroni and his fine team the Lordship majors of the PAL Little League in copping the Town Tournament Championship during an excitement laden game Sunday at Raybestos Field. A special round of applause to Fran Winner the outstanding player of the day.

October 20, 1959 - LITTLE LEAGUE HONORS LORDSHIP BALL TEAM: The Stratford PAL Little League will honor the Lordship team of the circuit with a banquet Thursday at 6:30 p.m., in the Lycoming division. The Lordship team won the town championship in the recently concluded season.

July 21, 1960: LORDSHIP 18-0 CAPTURES PAL LITTLE LEAGUE FLAG: The Lordship club posted a perfect 18-0 record to easily cop the PAL Little League title. Ed Hargus was the top pitcher for the pennant winners, posting a 10-0 mark including two no-hitters and four one-hitters. The top five batters on the team who were also among the league leaders were: Ed Hargus .525, Bob Cockfield .490, Allen Craig .436, Fran Winner .422 and Ed Wojcicki .405. Ed Hargus had the most hits with 31, while Bob Cockfield and Fran Winner had 27 apiece. Allen Craig slammed 24 safeties and Ed Wojcicki had 19.

July 16, 1967 - SOUTH STRATFORD PAL: The Lordship Mets took two out of three games from the Birdseye Phillies to capture the league title. The Mets dropped the first game of the series, 3-2, as the Phillies' Carl Ziclick homered. The Mets came back, however, to beat the Phillies, 6 - 4, and 6 - 3. Brian Kiely and Steve Olexovitch led the attack in the championship game with Kevin Foley hurling the victory.

July 18, 1967 - LORDSHIP METS WIN PAL LITTLE LEAGUE CROWN: The Lordship Mets took two of the three playoff games this week and were named South End champions. The Mets lost the first of the three game affair to the Birdseye Phillies 3-2. Carl Zielek was the Mets nemesis as he pitched the Phils to the opening playoff win and banged out a homerun in his own cause. The Mets undaunted by the initial defeat came back and edged the Phils in the second game 6-4. Dick Neal pitched the win for the Lordship boys while Jim Bruno and Jack Grant connected for Met triples. Brian Burke also banged out two hits and Gary Nohr got two for the Phils. In the rubber match the Mets stopped any hopes the Phils may have had for the South End crown 6-3. Kevin Foley defeated Ed Bargo in the pitching department for the easy victory.


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May 2, 1968 - STRATFORD PAL OPENS LL SEASON SATURDAY: The South Stratford PAL Little League will open its 1968 season Saturday with ceremonies and a doubleheader, according to Joseph Kiely, president. Guests at the 1 o'clock ceremony will include Lt. Chester Parniewski PAL president; Paul Deegan, vice president of Avco-Lycoming division; Roy Germain, Avco coordinator of Little League; First District Councilman Walter Auger; Fourth District Councilman Anthony Caseria, chairman of the Council's recreation committee; the Rev. Vincent Cleary, pastor of Our Lady of Peace Church; the Rev. R. Ward Wilson, pastor of the Lordship Community Church, and John Keating, vice president of the Lordship Fathers' club. The twin-bill will pit the Lordship Mets, last year's league champions, against the Center Pirates, and the Birdseye Phils, last year's runner-up team, against the Honeyspot Cardinals. In the event of rain, the start of the season will be pushed to Sunday May 5 at Lordship Field. Minor Division play will commence on Friday May 3 with six teams seeing action. The Giants will face the Reds at Lordship Field, the Astros will meet the Cubs at Great Neck Field and the third game will send the Dodgers against the Braves at Birdseye Field Diamond 1.

August 1, 1975 - LORDSHIP PADRES TAKE LITTLE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP: The South End Little League concluded its season with the Padres defeating the Pirates 8-7 in the Majors Championship playoff game. Key performances were turned in by the Padres Jack Guckert, Bill Dobensky and Carl Iacamacci. The Yankees beat the Red Sox 5- in the Minor Championship playoff game. Both teams are from Lordship. Lisa Rome and Chuck Nehez got key hits behind the no hit pitching of Alan Kelly. Jerry Pinto and Mike Hawkins were outstanding on defense. The Red Sox got fine performances from Pat Geaney, Pat Kupec and Wayne Barshow. Note: The Padres and the Mets were the Lordship Major Little League teams. The Yankees and Red Sox were the Lordship Minor Little League teams.

August 5, 1976: LORDSHIP METS CHAMPS IN LITTLE LEAGUE: In the Major Division of the South End Little League, the Mets defeated the Pirates 10-8 to capture the playoff championship game. The Mets were led by the pitching and hitting of Alan Kelley. Tim Foley contributed two hits and four RBIs. The Pirates after trailing 10-0, stormed back with eight runs in the sixth inning but fell short. In the Minor Division the Lordship Yankees won the second half of play with a 9-1 record and defeated the Orioles 11-7 to wrap up the division title. Leading performers for the Yankees were Joe Rabineau, Peter Spada, Mike Hawkins and Pat Donegan. Strong defensive play was turned in by Jerry and Chris Pinto.


Only in Lordship would a group of fathers form a third little league team for kids who could not make the first 2 teams and schedule games to give the kids a chance to play baseball.

July 6, 1972- LORSHIP FATHERS CLUB FORMS A THIRD LORDSHIP LITTLE LEAGUE TEAM; THE LORDSHIP DODGERS: In looking back on the traumas of youth, one of the most severe which must come to the mind of any male is the annual late spring ritual of trying out for the Little League. With its national publicity and the extreme popularity of its annual World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania the Little League has become a national institution with an existence so pervasive and widespread that it is part of the heritage of almost every red-blooded American boy. To be able to wear your teams hat to school the day after they are given out is a mark of status and success which is almost unrivaled in the realm of growing up in these United States. The status of that cap, the smell of the new uniform, the ritual of drafting eight to twelve year old boys according to their ability and potential, the politics of coaching, have all worked together to give the little leagues such a mystique that many boys will not even try out for the team out of fear of facing their friends when they are cut. However, because of the tremendous expense involved in buying uniforms, bats, balls, protective caps, insurance, score pads and other accoutrements necessary to a little league team, it is usually too expensive a proposition to start another league to service those boys who were unable or psychologically unwilling to try out for the uniformed teams. Vincent Buehler took a look at this situation and decided to do something about it. A diesel mechanic who commutes from his Lordship home to a job at the Schaefer Brewing Company in New York, Mr. Buehler solicited a $140 contribution from the Lordship Fathers Club and announces that a new team, the Lordship Dodgers was being formed for those 22 boys who had been cut from Lordships two Little League teams, the Yankees and Red Sox. When the word got out that a team was forming which would accept all those boys who wanted to play, no tryouts required, and the number of boys interested jumped from the 22 cut to a total of 43, over half of whom had never tried out for the Little League in the first place. Armed with the Lordship Fathers Club contribution, Mr. Buehler made up the rest of the needed expenses by asking the parents of all boys participating to contribute $2 apiece. When additional funds are needed, they come out of his own pocket. He estimates it takes about 12 hours a week to operate the team, including games and practices. With a squad of 43 players, the Dodgers have a surplus of bodies (the normal Little League squad is 15). This is accommodated by having each boy play three innings. When the team plays a game, it is usually scheduled as a doubleheader to allow all the players to see some game time. Every boy who indicates a desire to join the team receives a tee shirt with the name Dodgers emblazoned across his chest and a blue hat. Coach Buehler gives strict instructions that any squad member seen wearing his tee shirt other than an games or practices will be suspended for a week and have to run extra laps when he does return to practice. He once sent a boy home who arrived for practice with spaghetti on his uniforms. Other boys have been ordered to buy new sneakers when their old ones were too worn down to provide enough protection. There have of course been many unexpected expenses. For instance over four dozen baseballs have been used up so far. Partially to meet expenses such as these, Mrs. Buehler and several other mothers with children on the squad (the Buehlers own son is on a regular major Little League team, the Mets) formed an auxiliary which sells hamburgers, hot dogs and sodas at the games. Once the team had been formed, there was the problem of whom to play against. By Little League rules, the Red Sox and Yankees were only allowed to play against teams in their own league and thus could not compete in sanctioned games with the Dodgers. The competition problem was solved when a group of fathers in the Birdseye section of town got together and formed their own team, the Stratford Giants. To date the Giants and Dodgers have played each other twice, the Dodgers taking the first 10-5, with the Giants gaining revenge in last Saturdays rematch by a 10-2 score. In addition to a source of recreation for 43 boys, Mr. Buehler sees the Dodgers as a source of strength for future teams in the South End Little League. With pride he points to the fact that the coaches of both the Red Sox and Yankees are frequent spectators at his games. He also notes that several eight and nine year olds on the Dodgers could develop into future stars in the Little League. There are problems of course such as not being able to afford insurance and what Coach Buehler refers to as a lack of parental interest in what their sons are doing. Despite these hindrances, the Dodgers have given 43 boys the opportunity to spend a summer playing ball instead of watching others wear the coveted Little League uniform.


Dodgers 1972


Dodgers 1972


September 1, 1950: The Lordship Playgound Midgets won the Town playground championship recently by going through six games without a defeat. The group made a trip to New York Wednesday, August 23 to see the Yankees and Tigers. Gene Ferrio, coach and playground supervisor accompanied the following team members: Art Ricketts, Richard Robinson, Vincent Lynch, Jim Penders, Ed Finnegan, Ray Johnson, Dwight Johnson, Bill Crawford, Dave Olsen, Bill Priestly and Pete Thieman.


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September 5, 1951: LORDSHIP PLAYGROUND CHAMPS: The children of Lordship turned out in grand style for the recent Stratford playground tournament day which ended the summer activities on the playgrounds. The Lordship youngsters walked off with the town playground championship by amassing 331 points in the various activities of the day. The Lordship Midget baseball again won the town championship by going through its second year in a row undefeated. The members of the team are Ed Finnegan, Dick Robinson, Vincent Lynch, Tom Penders, Jim Penders, Bill Soldi, Dick Evanko, Dave Olsen, Bill Priestly, Bill Daniels and Dwight Johnson. Other individual town champs from Lordship are Jim Klosek, boys junior checkers; Bill Robinson, boys junior swimming; Don Kaiser and Jim Klosek, boys double horseshoes; Linda Olsen, girls junior checkers. The Lordship playground was under the supervision of Verne Almond and Gene Ferrio.