March 2, 1921: FORM PLANS FOR COUNTRY CLUB AT LORDSHIP: Plans for the formation of the Lordship Country Club which have been in charge of several temporary committees were crystalized las night at the first annual meeting of the new club held in its own clubhouse and during which the following officers for the ensuing year were elected and installed: President JH. Van York; vice-president F.W. Montanye; recording secretary J.U. Pronovost; financial secretary F.C. Lathrop; treasure M.P. Otterway. The following committees were also appointed: House committee: chairman F.H Riley; C.A. Herman, P.T. Overbaugh, Miss Edna Calhoun and Mrs. Joseph DuCotery. Membership committee: senior chairman Harold Bunting Sr.; D.B. Overbaugh, R.Y. Moore, W.J. Histon and H.H. Wilkinson. Sports committee: chairman Rolland De Wolfe; Harold Bunting Jr., and Miss Emma Franz. Auditing committee: chairman G.L. Taylor, J.E. Phelan and C.B. Hron. Finance Committee: A.S. Anderson and J.L. Reynolds with the vice-president of the club as chairman. The officers and committee chairmen form the board of governors. The object of the club is purely social and in most cases the memberships are of family and consists of residents and non-residents. Delightfully located on Long Island Sound, the Lordship Country Club will offer many entertaining facilities for its members, including bathing, tennis and a nine hold golf courses is planned for the near future. The clubhouse is located on Ocean Avenue on one of the finest corners in Lordship, in a roomy dwelling with large fireplaces and with cozy and delightful surroundings. A housewarming and formal opening of the club is planned for the near future to which all residents of Lordship and their friends will be invited and for which cards will be issued.


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September 15, 1921 - RECREATION CENTERS HOLD DANCE AT LORDSHIP CASINO: The Federation of Recreation centers will hold another of the popular dances at Lordship Casino this Thursday. Last week, the mammoth pavilion was jammed and as the affair tomorrow night will probably be the last of its kind prior to the opening of the regular community centers it is expected that a similar crowd will attend. The admission will include car fare from Hollister Avenue on the Lordship trolley as last week.

April 14, 1925 - POVERTY SOCIAL PLANNED TO RAISE LORDSHIP FUNDS: Wearers of Jewelry and Silk to Be Fined for Building Fund Benefit: Invitations are out for a poverty social to be given in the Lordship Country Club, Friday evening, April 17, as the first of a series of entertainments to be held by the Lordship Sunday school for the express purpose of raising the building-fund total and having a real enjoyable time in doing so. The invitation reads in part as follows: "You will be fined for wearing jewelry; you will be fined for not wearing jewelry. You will be fined for smiling; you will be fined for not smiling. You will be fined for wearing silk and many other things. There are also many things for which you will not be fined. Among these is a delicious poverty luncheon. "The fine for each offense will not exceed one penny. The total fine will be no less than ten pennies and no more than 25 pennies." The committee in change of the entertainment, Mrs. A. R. Kuehne, assisted by the L. G. H. club, stresses the fact that humor will dominate throughout the whole evening. As a full program is planned a prompt attendance has been requested at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Leon Botsford is in charge of the luncheon. The calendar of speakers in the Lordship Sunday school for the next few Sundays has been announced. Rev. F. H. Hine of the Stratford Episcopal Church will speak next Sunday, the 19th, followed by Rev. Charles Kramer of the Universalist Church in Bridgeport on April 26th, Miss Lena Knapp, social work secretary of the First Methodist Church on May 3, and Rev. William Jepson of St. Luke's on May 17th.

May 5, 1925: LORDSHIP COUNTRY CLUB MAKES PLANS FOR CHANGING NAME: A business meeting was held in the Country Club after the social and dance on Saturday evening for the purpose of launching the reorganization plans for the club. Many of its members have felt for a long time that its name was not significant of its purpose, inasmuch as the clubs place in the colony is really that of a community center rather than a country club and is was felt that a definitely established position as such was most desirable. It is equipped for social entertainment and is therefore a natural meeting place for smaller groups as the boy scouts, camp fire girls and private socials and dances and very adaptable to Sunday school entertainments or special services. Under the new regime, the dues will be decreased and a broader field of usefulness to the community will be inaugurated. A reorganization membership committee was appointed consisting of Miss Christine Bunting, Mrs. Leon Botsford and C.V. Bunting who have in turn appointed subcommittees. Harry Van Yorx presided as temporary chairman, permanent officers to be elected upon the reports and recommendation of the committee. Already most encouraging progress has been made towards an effective beginning. The executive committee of the Lordship Manor Improvement Association held a meeting in the home of its new president Louis Nunnold Monday evening and the membership committee reported 15 new members. Recommendations were considered to be presented at the monthly meeting of the Association on May 13, one of which was to appeal to the Town of Stratford for a motorcycle officer to be detailed to Lordship Beach and its environs for Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The suggestion was made that the Association plan a jubilee celebration with the entire population for the latter part of May or first of June in recognition of the opening of the new roads and the recently stimulated growth of Lordship Park development. A tentative program is under consideration including a large community dance and possibly a band concert, the place to be decided upon later.

May 27, 1925 - TEEPLE ELECTED NEW PRESIDENT OF LORDSHIP CLUB: Reorganized Club to Be Center of Community's Activities: Owing to the limited amount of time which could be given to the business of reorganization of the former Lordship Country club at the Saturday evening meeting which was held in conjunction with the usual social and dance, the personnel of the various committees was not completed. The officers who were presented by the nominating committee and elected were; President E. L. Teeple of Grove Street, recently moved into the community from Chicago, IIl and connected now with the Page Wire department of the American Chain company; vice-president, J. U. Pronovost; secretary, Robert E. Fisher; treasurer, F. Hopkins; reception committee Mrs. P. R. Bowen; sports committee A. Russell; membership committee Leslie Moore, and finance committee chairman J. U. Pronovost. The house committee and personnel of several of the other committees will be considered at a meeting of the board of governors which the new president has called for Tuesday evening at 8:15 in the club rooms. It was voted to change the name of the organization from Country Club to the Lordship Club. The optimism of President-elect Teeple and his effort to draw co-operation from the entire membership is expected to establish the new club as a lively center of the community's activities.

June 19, 1925 - LORDSHIP CLUB IS PLANNING FOR OUTDOOR SPORTS: Committee Plans Tennis Tournament for Hot Summer Months: Owing to the fact that the outdoor sports are most alluring during the summer months, Lordship club officials have decided to dispense with the bi-weekly social and dance program for the present. The entertainment planned for this weekend has been deferred to Saturday, June 11. The trio consisting of Mrs. Ottaway, pianist, Mrs. VanYorx, cellist, and Mr. Middleton, violinist, which has so generously furnished the music for dancing for the past year or two, will be relieved by another orchestra which it is planned to engage from Bridgeport for the evening. The tennis courts have been put into shape and are open at all times to the club members and their friends. Tournaments will soon be started by the chairman of the Sports committee, A. Russell. The membership drive ot the Lordship Manor Improvement Association resulted in augmenting the roll of the Association considerably, thereby encouraging the committees to continue their self-imposed activities for the betterment of community benefits. As the "entire populace could not be covered in one evening the canvass will be resumed within a fortnight.


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Halloween 1926 - A night when the mysteries and superstitions of the time-honored festival of "Halloween" were abroad in Lordship-by-the-Sea, the Lordship Manor Country club gave itself over to masquerade and revelry on the occasion of the Eve of All Saints, many quaint, original and striking costumes being displayed. This is what the Telegram photographer found when he visited the Lordship Casino Saturday night and "shot" a flash light over the gay scene. All Lordship and a large contingent of visitors from Bridgeport and adjacent cities took part in the annual Halloween' masquerade ball held at the Lordship Country club on Saturday night. Always a popular event and enhanced by the suspicion of mystery conveyed by the fact of the function being a 'bal masque ' the affair was one of the most successful in the annals of the Lordship Country Club. Almost every form of fancy dress known was represented, many of the costumes being highly original both in design and execution. An orchestra provided excellent music while many novel and amusing stunts were sprung upon the gathering which added to the fun and frolic. The scheme of decoration was well in keeping with the time honored traditions of the festival of the Eve of All Saints. Judging the costumes for prize winners was no easy task among some hundred or so fantastic and bizarre creations and the Grand March had been performed many times before the judges could come to a decision. Among the prize winners were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fisher for original costumes representing a Yiddish peddler and a hard-boiled hobo, Mrs. E. Buecher as an ethnic bride. Supper consisting of seasonable delicacies was served during the evening the general arrangements being in the hands of a capable committee including Mrs. Pryce Bowen, Mrs. Ralph Teeple, Mrs. M. K Ottaway, Mrs. Regan and W. B Hines The function on Saturday was one of a long program of winter festivities arranged by the Lordship Country club to be held at the Lordship Casino every two weeks.

August 13, 1927: The Lordship Country Club is holding a beach party tonight under Burritt’s Bluff a little west of the Stratford Lighthouse, weather permitting. Should rain prevent the party from being held on the beach the entertainment will take place in the club rooms at the Casino. With a large number of buildings in course of erection the most of which are residences of the round year type, constructional activity in the district is more marked this summer than in any previous year. Lordship as a residential section both in winter and summer is gradually vindicating itself with the result that building is increasing rapidly. Considerable interest is being evinced in the forthcoming tennis tournament to be held by the Lordship Country Club members next week. Tennis has been extremely popular this summer and some excellent games have been played.