November 3, 1924 - DEVON TEAM WINS FROM LORDSHIPS: The newly organized Lordship football team lost to the Devon Athletic association eleven by the score of 13 to 0 at Devon field this afternoon. Gill Messerole of the Lordships, made a sensational run of 58 yards. The Lordship team expects to play the Alphabets in the near future. No date has been set for the game as yet.

October 15, 1955 - DAVIDSONS SCORE, 6-2 IN TOUCH GRID LEAGUE OVER LORDSHIP: The Davidsons handed the Lordship Explorers a 6-2 defeat in the feature game of the Sterling House Junior Touch Football league at Birdseye field recently. Joe Marinko raced 60 yards on an end run to the Lordship 10 yard line and then threw a pass to Brian Halpin on fourth down for the lone touchdown of the game. Dave Korponal was caught behind his own goal line by Walt Bulmer late in the fourth period to give the Lordship team a safety and two points.


October 31, 1957: LORDSHIP SPORTING ASSOCIATION: There is a step in the right direction being taken by a youthful group of Lordship residents who have combined their time and effort to initiate a project in their area which has the earmarks of becoming an outstanding contributor to the towns recreation program. The group, twenty-seven members strong ranging in age from 18 to 22 is in its first year of operation under the banner of the Lordship Sporting Association. In addition to being young the organization is ambitious and it appears to have a keen knowledge of where it can do good and its efforts thus far have been aimed in that direction. Currently its major project is supervising a touch football league for youngsters with members serving as game officials and team coaches. The league has recently finished its first round of play and consists of six teams with 78 boys participating. Suitable trophies will be awarded at the conclusion of the championship schedule to the winner and runner-up. The league is the first major project the group has undertaken but it is constantly looking ahead. Next on the agenda will be the establishment of a basketball circuit and possibly baseball, though the organization feels that the complete coverage Little Leagues and Babe Ruth circuits provide might not leave room for the forming of another baseball league. According to Don Fagan who along with president John Stratton were chiefly responsible for organizing the group, the Association has thus far served as its own sponsors with whatever moneys needed being obtained from membership dues. There is of course need for additional funds to continue and progress with the work begun and it is hoped that merchants and residents in the Lordship area will lend a hand in the program. The Club is eager to increase membership and while it is primarily composed of Lordship residents, it is not restricted to them. Two of its most celebrated charter members are Bill Robinson, Boston College frosh football are and Jimmy Kosek, West Point basketball standout. The Stratford News is hopeful that the organization receives the assistance and co-operation it requires to carry on its admirable program. It would appear that every resident and merchant in the Lordship area could in some way be a booster of the club. Not only has it demonstrated its intention to provide a wholesome source of recreation for youngsters but it has already shown a form of leadership and organization which could very well be imitated by other groups to correct a glaring ill which exists in our athletic makeup.

November 14, 1957: GIANTS AND COLTS RIDE UNDEFEATED IN FOOTBALL: The Giants coached by Grant Wilkinson and Dan McCoarts Colts continued undefeated in second round play of the Lordship Sporting Associations touch football league for youngsters by scoring victories in games played this week. The Giants upended the Lions 26-12 as Bobby Markis and Jim Ring provided all the points. Billy Lightfoot and Warren Harding paced the Colts to a resounding 39-6 win over the Rams and the Redskins behind Ed Curtis four touchdowns won their first game of the season 25-12.

December 1, 1957 - ALL-STAR GRID TILT IN LORDSHIP TODAY: The first annual East-West All-Star touch football game between teams comprised of boys 9 to 14 years of age, sponsored by the Lordship Sporting Association, will be played today on the Lordship School field, starting at 2 p.m. The game will conclude a season in which six teams played a 10-game schedule, and will be followed by an all-star game between Lordship and Sterling House teams next Saturday at 10 a.m. First and second round winners will clash in a championship game next Sunday. Players performing for the East and coached by Grant Wilkerson, George Roberge and Pete Fagan are: Donald Young, Tom Lynch, Marty Tristine, Bobby Baroni, Johnny Baroni, Ed Curtis, Dwight Johnson, John Brawley, Warren Harding, Paul Reynolds, Billy Franz, Tom Kricksiam. The West squad, coached by Don Fagan, John Stratton, and Dan McCoart, will include: Tom Roberge, Tom Ripley, Jeff Valentine, Billy Lightfoot, John Rooney, Nick Millam, Ed Osman, Bobby Markis, Billy Priestly, Dick Kennedy, Jimmy Ring, Dick Heiden. The presence of parents of all participating players will be greatly appreciated by the players and LSA members alike.

December 5, 1957: OSMAN PACES WEST STARS TO 24-18 WIN IN LORDSHIP: Ed Osman, flashy 14 year old halfback passed the West All-Stars to a 24-18 victory over the East Sunday in the first annual East-West competition in the Lordship Sporting Associations Touch Football loop before a banner crowd in Lordship. Osman raced for all four touchdowns and teamed with Jimmy Ring and Dick Heiden for long gains set up by heady quarterbacking by Billy Priestly and Nick Milan. Bob Markis, Jeff Valentine and Bill Lightfoot stood out on defense. Johnny Baroni reached pay dirt twice for the losers and Warren Harding scored once on a pass from Ed Curtis. Don Young, Dwight Johnson and Curtis were defensive standouts. On Saturday the Lordship All-Stars meet a similar group from the Sterling House League at 10:30 am on the Lordship School field.

March 13, 1958: LORDSHIP SPORTING ASSOCIATION AWARDED CUPS AND CERTIFICATES: The first annual awards banquet of the Lordship Sporting Association was held last week at the Lordship Fathers Club Hall in Lordship. The guest speaker was Jim Penders, Town Recreation Director. Guests included Town Manager Harry Flood, Rev. John Hensche, Stan Heiden, Councilman Fred Biebel Jr., Don Fagan, John Stratton, and Walt Auger. Special trophies were awarded to Ed Isman and Dwight Johnson as high scorers in the League. The champion Colts were awarded cups. Team players are: Bill Hansen, Bill Kellers, Ed Canelli, Warren Harding, Marty Tristine, Bill Lightfoot, Jerry McCarthy, Don Smith, Frank Kiernan, Jim Leahy and Jim Ernst. The following 14 year-old graduates of league play were presented with cups also: John Marks, John Baroni, Ed Curtis, Paul Reynolds, Bill Priestley, Tom Lynch and Jeff Valentine. Players receiving certificates were: D. Johnson, J. McCarthy, M. Tristine, W. Hansen, W. Kellers, W. Harding, D. Smith, J. Ernst, J. Leahy, F. Kiernan, W. Lightfoot, E. Canelli, J. Baroni, J. Marks, D. Leahy, T. Ripley, J. Heiden, W. Boyco, R. Heiden, P. Roberge, D. McCoart, J. Brawley, W. Priestley, T. Roberge, D. Ashley, D. Corrarito, W. Franz, T. Kriksciun, T. OBrien, P. Brawley, K. Olexovitch, J. Ring, F. Coffin, W. Werner, C. Roman, W. Spencer, R. Markis, J. Valentine, E. Curtis, P. Reynolds, D. Connelly, R. Baroni, H. Spencer, R. Hessels, R. Kennedy, R. Ernst, H. Nichols and T. Lightfoot. Coaches for the season were: Grant Wilkinson, George Gray, George Roberge, Pete Fagan, Sean Gorman, Ted Johnson, John Stratton, Don Fagan, Dan McCourt and Dick Robinson.

August 15, 1958 - LSA ORGANIZING SECOND SEASON: The Lordship Sporting Association is now organizing its second Annual Touch Football League for Lordship boys between the ages of 9 and 14. Parents are requested to have their boys pick up and return their permission slips before August 30. Practice sessions for players in the first annual east-west High School All-Star game will begin August 13.

October 23, 1958: LORDSHIP LEAGUE IN THREE WAY TIE: Dick Heiden sped for 5 long distance touchdown gallops, Warren Harding crashed for all his teams total and Tom Penders romped for another 6 scores as the Rams, Colts and Bears deadlocked league leadership in the Lordship Sporting Association Flag Football League with first round records of 4 wins as against one loss. Second round play will open this Saturday with the usual triple header including 9:00 Bears-Giants, 10:00 Lions-Redskins, 11:00 Rams-Colts. The present three way tie forces a playoff with two of the three teams clashing Sunday afternoon at 2 pm with the winner and third team meeting at a later date. The Colts lone loss was to the Bears 34 to 28. The Rams were defeated by the Colts 33 to 0 and the Bears lost a 30 to 6 game to the Rams. The L.S.A. would appreciate a large turnout at Sundays playoff game. The first round standings are: Bears, Colts and Rams are tied at 4 and 1. The Giants are 2 and 3, the Lions are 1 and 4 with the Skins at 0 and 5.

November 20, 1958: BEARS LEAD IN L.S.A. PLAYOFF: With only one game left, the Bears, runners-up in the first round appear a cinch to capture second half honors creating a championship playoff game with the Colts who were first round champs. Tom Penders again sparked his teammates as they scored a smashing 44 to 6 victory over the Rams but he received scoring aid from Fran Winner, Dave Ashley and Dave Corarito. Warren Harding and Buzzy Tristine led the Colts to a 44 to 6 romp over the Skins while the Lions put up a great fight before losing out to the Giants 36 to 24. Jeff Valentine scored three times for the Lions but Bill Daniels, Don Young and Jim Ring did too much scoring for the Giants victory. It will take a tremendous upset by the Lions (who have shown steady improvement) to prevent the Bears from winning. This game will be played at 11:00 on Saturday following a 9:00 Rams-Redskins tilt and an all important Colts-Giants game at 10:00. The Lordship Sporting Association announces that an all-star team will face the Sterling House all-stars within the near future and also the big attraction of the year the annual East-West All-Star game to be played on the Lordship School field the week following the championship game.

November 23, 1958 - BOY'S FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE TO STAY AS GAME WINS ENTHUSIASM OF PLAYERS: Because the game proved so popular among the nine to 14-year-old sportsmen set last year, the Lordship Sporting Association has voted to keep its Flag Football league alive indefinitely. Not only will the league again be active this year, but it has been expanded by four new assistant coaches and 26 new players. The number of players now stands at 84. The first league game was played last month, and the Bears team is now leading in second round play with a 4-0 record and one week left to play. Now the LSA is anticipating the second annual East-West Intra-League All-Star game and another annual bout with Sterling House. There will also be another championship game. All games will be played on Sunday afternoons. The idea for forming a league for the Flag Football game arose during a meeting in the spring of 1957 when the LSA was planning to from a Touch Football league for the young boys in the area. However, Jim McMellon suggested the Flag Football game which he had seen played at the University of Connecticut. He explained that each player is required to wear a four-by-18 inch flag tucked in each pocket at both sides of the waist, either one of which must be pulled from a ball carrier by the defense to stop the ball from advancing farther. The suggestion caught and in August the wheels were set in motion. Signs went up in the Lordship area urging boys from nine to 14 years of age to sign up for participation in the new league. Soon a list of 60 names long was on hand and John Stratton, LSA president, and Don Fagan, secretary-treasurer of the organization, put their heads together and formed six teams of 10 players each, chose names for the teams, made up a 10-game schedule for each team and assigned individual coaches to them. The teams and their coaches: Colts, Dan McCoart and Dick Robinson; Rams, Don Fagan; Bears, John Stratton; Lions, Pete Fagan, Sean Gorman and Ted Johnson; Redskins, George Roberge; Giants, Grant Wilkinson and George Gray. In addition, George Schilling, James McMellon and George Tuscaeff served as game officials. Don Fagan is league supervisor. Four new assistant coaches added this year are Dick Schofield for the Bears, Don Nelson for the Giants, George Devitt for the Rams and Bob Holmgren for the Redskins. To climax what developed into a competitive season for the youngsters and their rooting parents, the association held a banquet last March at the Lordship Father's club hall for all players and their fathers. Nine boys scheduled to graduate from the league received trophies, as did all the team members of the Colts who had emerged as 1957 champions. Eddie Osman, of the Lions, also received recognition for tying for league scoring title with 145 points. At the completion of the present season, the LSA is planning to hold a second annual banquet hoping it will be even bigger and better than last year's. The association, a self-sponsored organization composed of 35 young men in the Lordship area devotes itself to an active participation in sports such as softball, basketball, football and an all around recreational program for the youngsters of the area. The organization is young and it is ambitious with a keen knowledge of where it can do the most good. The Flag Football league is its major project at the moment. The organization's activities have encompassed a self-sponsored softball team in 1956, 1957 and 1958; independent ball games in 1956 and participation in the Stratford Town Recreation league last year and this year. The funds needed for these activities have been acquired through scrap paper and metal drives, movies for children, a Christmas tree sale, honorary memberships, community donations, Flag league boosters and club dues.

November 30, 1958 - TITLE GAME TODAY AT LORDSHIP FIELD: The Lordship All-Stars, sponsored by the Lordship Sporting Association and the Sterling House All-Stars will play for the Stratford flag-ball championship today at 2:15 p.m. on the Lordship School field. Sterling House was the winner in the first annual town championship game last year. Sterling House and Lordship are the only teams operating with the new idea, in touch football, both sponsoring flag-ball leagues. Tom Penders and Warren Harding are the top performers for Lordship while Duke Ropa, Mike Saxa and Pete Walkeley are the aces for Sterling House.

December 4, 1958 - LORDSHIP TAKES TOWN TITLE: The Lordship ALL-Stars, sponsored by the Lordship Sporting Association, punched out a 39-35 victory over the Sterling House stars behind the sensational 6 touchdown scoring spree of Tom Penders to capture the second annual flag football championship of the Town of Stratford. Penders scored 36 points in all while Warren Harding and Don Young picked up the extra points. It was a real thriller with Sterling House going out of bounds on the Lordship 5 yard line as time ran out. Bob Fuller, Art Lawrence, Dick Smith, Bill Kalton, Craig Dunne and Dick Wilkiamsen scored for the Sterlings while Duke Ropa, Mike Saxa and John Novak were defensive standouts. The Lordship defense was led by Warren Harding, Tom Ripley, Dick Feltovick, Buzzy Tristine, Bill Daniels, Don Young, Tom Penders and Ed Demar. Lordship led 27 to 19 at halftime. Next Sunday at 2:00 pm, the Lordship Sporting Association will present the second annual East-West All-star game. The West won out last year 24 to 18 leading the Western Stars will be Tom Penders, Rich Heiden, Jeff Valentine and Dick Feltovick along with Tom Ripley, Bill Babcock, Fran Rogers, Bob Salerno, John Rooney, Dave Leahy, Hugh Hutchinson, Jim Stafferoni, Dave Corarito, Pat Brawley and Dave Ashley. The Eastern Stars will bank their hopes on Warren Harding, Jim Ring, Bill Daniels, Buzzy Tristine and Bill Lightfoot along with Bill Hansen, Ed Demar, Walt Brown, Bob Baroni, Harvey Pond, Bo Ernst, Ed Genga, Don Young, Bill Kardos and Paul Olexovitch. This figures to be another top attraction of the year and the L.S.A. is hoping to close out the campaign the following Sunday with a game between the League alumni and Team coaches.

December 7, 1958 - EAST-WEST FLAG TILT IN LORDSHIP TODAY: The second annual East vs. West All-Star flag football game, sponsored by the Lordship Sporting Association, will be played today at the Lordship school field, with the starting time set for 2 pm. Last years inaugural all-star contest was won by the West team, 24 to 18, and an equally exciting tussle is expected this afternoon.

December 11, 1958: L.S.A. CONCLUDES 1958 SUCCESSFUL GRID SEASON: The Lordship Sporting Association concluded its second successful Flag Football campaign with the playing of the annual East-West All-Star games. The game was played last Sunday afternoon and was won by the West 22 to 20 for the second straight year. Over eighty Lordship youngsters between the ages of 9 and 14 participated in the league which was made up of six L.S.A. coached teams. The schedule was set in two rounds with the Colts coached by Dan McCourt and assisted by Dick Nash and Dick Robinson, winning the first round and the Bears coached by John Stratton and assisted by Dick Scofield capturing the second round. The Bears went on to defeat the Colts 41 to 34 to gain possession of the League championship won last year by the Colts. Other coaches in the league were Don Fagan and George Devitt of the Rams; Grant Wilkinson and Don Nelson of the Giants; Pete Fagan and Sean Gorman of the Lions and George Roberge and Bob Holmgren of the Redskins. The East-West All-Star game was another thriller as it was last season with the final outcome in doubt until the final seconds of play. The East led at halftime 6 to 0. The East increased its lead when Warren Harding took a second half kickoff and went all the way for the score. This made the score 12 to 0. The West then struck back for their first touchdown coming on a pass from Tom Penders to Dave Leahy. Penders bucked for the two point conversion and then scored minutes later on a 30 yard jaunt to put the West ahead 14 to 12. After Harding scored another touchdown and two conversion points, it was not until only 45 seconds of play remained that Penders ran for a game tying touchdown and then slashed over to score the game winning conversion. The L.S.A. is thankful that the interest in this game has caught the enthusiasm of the kids as well as their parents. They are now looking forward to the annual awards banquet which will be held sometime in January.


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November 28, 1959 - FLAG FOOTBALL GAME AT LORDSHIP TODAY: The Lordship All-Stars, sponsored by the Lordship Sporting Association and the Sterling House All-Stars will clash at 2 p.m. today at the Lordship School field to decide the Stratford flag-football championship. The Sterling House team captured the title in 1957, but the Lordship squad bounced back to win last year's championship game, 39, to 35. Expected to lead the Lordship attack in today's contest are Warren Harding, Tommy Penders, Jimmy Ring, Tommy Ripley, Dick Feltovick and Dick Heiden.

December 3, 1959: LORDSHIP CAPTURES TOWN FLAG GRID TITLE: The Lordship All-Stars under the sponsorship of the Lordship Sporting Association trounced the Sterling House All-Stars 57 to 36 last Sunday afternoon on the Lordship School field to capture the Stratford Town Flag Football championship for the second straight years. The Sterling House stars won the inaugural tilt in 1957, 48 to 38 and Lordship came back to win last season 39 to 35. Warren Harding, 14 year-old Notre Dame of Bridgeport student was the top offensive gun for the winners as he tallied no less than five touchdowns all on long runs. Tom Penders who last year scored 36 of the Lordship points scored one touchdown and five extra points for a total of 11, while the remainder of the scoring was produced by quarterback Jim Ring and end Bill Hansen with 8 each. Pete Walkely was the chief Sterling House threat as he accounted for all but 12 of his teams points on three touchdowns and six points after. Dick Smith had two touchdowns for the losers. Lordship displayed a tremendous defense that repeatedly knocked down Sterling passes and caught runners behind the line of scrimmage. Bob Kardos led the forces but he had some vital assistance from Dick Feltovick, Rich Heiden, Tom Ripley, Ed Demar, Hansen, Penders and Harding. Lordship led at halftime 28 to 20. This Sunday the Rams coached by Don Fagan and winners of the first round in the L.S.A. Flag Football League and the Colts coached by Dan McCoart and second round champs will clash to decide the league championship. The Colts have been the most outstanding team in the three year history of the league principally on the sparkling play of their star Warren Harding who has been instrumental in the teams winning the title in 1957 and as runners-up in 1958. The Rams were runners-up in 1957 and placed third in 1958. Leading the Ram attach will be Captain Tom Ripley, Dave Leahy, Rich Heiden, Hugh Hutchinson and Jim Stafferoni. Besides Harding, the Colts will count on Bill Hansen, Ed Demar and Frank Kiernan.

December 10, 1959: COLTS WIN L.S.A. FLAG GRID TITLE: Paced by the fine quarterbacking and brilliant running of 14 year old Warren Harding, the Colts coached by Dan McCourt and Dick Robinson went on to capture the Lordship Sporting Association Flag Football championship for the second time in three years with an exciting 26 to 24 victory over the Rams Sunday afternoon on the Lordship School field. Harding scored 20 of his teams total including the two bonus points in the first half which eventually proved the margin of victory. The young Notre Dame of Bridgeport student rambled for 10 yards early in the first half to give his mates an early lead but the Rams came storming back to tie the score when Tom Ripley raced into the end zone from five yards out on a reverse play. The Colts went ahead minutes later on a beautiful pass play from Harding to halfback Bill Hansen who was all alone in the end zone. Harding then bootlegged around end for the two point conversion. The Rams who gained the championship playoff by winning the first round, went 45 yards for their second score with the biggest gainer being a 25 yard pass from quarterback Dave Leahy to Hugh Hutchinson. Leahy capped the drive with an eight yard circle around end. Once again as after each touchdown, the Rams failed to add the points after and the Colts led 14 to 12 at halftime. Little Pete Roberge supplied the longest run of the game at the start of the second half when he picked off a Harding aerial at the Ram 24 yard line and raced 35 yards for a touchdown to put the Rams in front 18 to 14. Harding again led a comeback surge by the winners which produced another score, with he himself taking it over from the five yard line. The Rams coached by Don Fagan, got their final score and a short lived lead minutes later on a fourth down fake reverse play that sent Dick Heiden over from 18 yards out. With the score 24 to 20 in favor of the Rams and the ball in the Colts possession on the losers 20, Harding stepped back to pass but found no one clear and raced to the five. Three plays brought the ball to the one. Harding burst through the middle for the winning score. Only a minute and a half remained on the clock as the Rams tried desperately to get another score. After driving to the Colts 15 and faced with a fourth down and two seconds to go situation, Leahy rolled out and fired a nifty pass to end Jim Stafferoni who caught the ball in the end zone but was a half a step out of bounds and the pass was ruled incomplete as the game ended. Both teams wound up the regular season with identical records of 8 wins, one loss and a tie. The Rams were also runners up to the Colts in 1957 when they won their first title. The Colts were runner-up to the Bears in 1958. This coming Sunday the L.S.A. will present its third annual East-West All-Star game. The West has won both previous games by close scores and another thriller is expected. The final season standings are: Colts and Rams tied for first at 8-1-1. The Bears finished third at 5-5. The Giants fourth at 4-6. The Lions fifth at 3-7 and the Skins last at 1-9.

December 12, 1959: WEST ALL STARS WIN IN LSA: Tom Penders slashed for a 10 yard score with only three seconds to go to give the Western All-Stars a thrilling come from behind 43 to 39 victory over the East in the final game of the year in the Lordship Sporting Associations flag football league. Penders accounted for four touchdowns and four conversion points in leading the West to their third consecutive victory in the annual All-Star clash. Jimmy Ring scored the first points of the game early in the first period with a five yard circle around end. This score was followed by two West TDs by Penders and Rich Heiden and a long romp by Warren Harding for the East and put the score at 15 to 13 at halftime in favor of the West. The two star studded squads traded touchdowns in the second half with Penders, Dave Leahy and Heiden leading the West attack and Harding, Ring and Bobby Kardos highlighting the Eastern point total. Harding had given the East what appeared to be the winning score at 39 to 35 late in the game, but with 45 seconds remaining the West drove to the East 10 yard line to set up Penders winning dash. Harding topped the East in scoring with 14 points while Ring had 12. Tommy Ripley, Leahy, Heiden, Penders and Johnnie Rooney starred on defense for the West while Ring, Harding, Kardos and Billy Hansen led the East.

November 3, 1960: LIONS (5-0) CAPTURE TITLE IN LORDSHIP FOOTBALL LOOP: The Lordship Sporting Association Flag Football League operating for the fourth consecutive season concluded its first round of intra-league competition last Saturday with the Lions posting a perfect 5-0 record. The Lions are coached by Tom Roberge a 15 year old student at Fairfield Prep. The league leaders were paced throughout the round by halfbacks Bobby Cockfield and Fran Rogers who are currently two of the top five league scorers. Some 120 Lordship youngsters between the ages of 9 and 14 are participating in the six team league. The boys will attempt to raise funds for their awards banquet at the end of the season through the sale of booster tickets. They have asked parents and friends to help defray expenses as the program has no sponsors or other sources of income. First round standings are the Lions at 5-0, Rams 3-1-1, Giants 2-1-2, Colts 1-2-2, Skins 1-4 and the Bears at 0-5.

December 10, 1960 - RAMS CAPTURE TITLE IN LORDSHIP LEAGUE: The Rams, coached by Dick Heiden, won the championship of the Lordship Sports Association flag, football league recently by defeating the Lions, 34-28, in the title test. Jimmy Heiden starred defensively for the winners, who were runners-up in both 1957 and 1959. Pete Roberge and Jim Stafferoni accounted for all of the Rams' points.

December 15, 1960: LORDSHIP WINS ALL-STAR MATCH AS COCKFIELD SCORES THREE TDS: The Lordship All Stars sponsored by the Lordship Sporting Association are once again Stratford Flag Football champions of Stratford. The South End Stars coached by Tom Roberge and representing some 125 players in the league captured the crown for Lordship for the third consecutive year with a 48 to 20 romp Sunday. In 1957, the inaugural of the annual title game, Sterling House defeated the current champs in a high scoring 48 to 38 decision. Lordship then won a thrilling well played game the following year 39 to 35 against a Sterling club that included Bob Fuller, Duke Ropa, Craig Dunna and John Novak all on this years Stratford High varsity, while Lordship boasted Ed Curtis and Tom Ripley of Stratford and Buzzy Tristine of Prep. Last years game was won by Lordship 53 to 36. Bobby Cockfield, a 12 year old natural started things off for the winners with a 20 yard end skirt in the opening period. Sterling House showed signs of making it a close game moments later when Dale Freedman burst through the line for a three yard TD that knotted the count. Neither team was able to muster another threat until late in the first half when Jim Meehan intercepted a Sterling pass and returned it 30 yards for a score. Cockfield added the extra points. Three moments later he intercepted another pass in his own end zone and raced the full length of the field for a 20-6 halftime Lordship lead. Cockfield was to score one more time before the day was out as did Jim Stafferoni, star of the L.S.A. league champion Rams. Second stringers finished out the game for the winners with Jim Heiden another Ram star and Rich Ayles and Don Rogers playing outstanding roles. Stafferoni, Cockfield, Meehan, Heiden and Greg Ward stood out on defense for Lordship. Besides Freedman other scores for Sterling House were Paul Herenstein, Brian Hill and Charlie Potak.

October 28 1962 - STERLING HOUSE LOOP: Lordship and the Hillbillies copped feature games in the Sterling House Flag Football Leagues in Sterling Park yesterday. Trailing 7-6 at half-time, Lordship came back to beat the Birdseye Bombers 44-27. The Hillbillies were forced to come from behind in the final minute to down the Optionals, 16 to 14. In other games, the Marauders trimmed High Park 44 to 23; The Unbeatables edged Ozark 22 to 19; and the Center Six's 48-26 won over the Vikings.



October 20, 1964 - STRATFORD GRID LOOP: In the Stratford PAL Pee Wee Pop Warner Football League, the hard-hitting Center Lions increased their league leading record to four wins against one loss as they downed the North End Eagles, 14-6. Mark Williams and Brian Elliot scored touchdowns for the winning Lions, while Arthur Pistey tallied the Eagles six points. With Pete Brawley, Art Rooney, George Collier and Mike Kiernan starring, the Lordship Bombers moved into second place with a 30-12 win over Holy Name. League President Marty Ryan, Jr. has announced that the final League twin-bill will be played next Sunday. The play-offs are scheduled for November 1st. In next Sunday's action, the Center Lions meet the Lordship Bombers while the North End Eagles will take on Holy Name.


October 27, 1964 - BOMBERS BEAT LIONS IN PEEWEE FOOTBALL: The hard - charging Lordship Bombers defeated the Central Lions, 13-0, in the Stratford PAL Pop Warner PeeWee Football League recently at Longbrook Park, tying the Lions for first place. They ended the regular season with four wins and two defeats, necessitating a play-off game next Sunday for the Ieague title. Mike Kiernan and Art Rooney led the winners, each scoring a touchdown, while the Bomber defense kept the Lions bottled up. In other action, the North Stratford Eagles ran over the Holy Name Cardinals 26-8, as Mike Holyrod scored two touchdowns, and Nick Reut and Doug Sulik had one each. Stu Walls tallied the losers' only six-pointer. The Eagles closed out the season with a three-three record while the Cardinals posted one-five mark. Next Sunday's league championship game is scheduled for Bunnell high school field 12:45 o'clock.

October 17, 1966: STRATFORD GRIP LOOP: The Lordship Bombers beat the Stonybrook Rams 42-12 in Stratford PAL Pop Warner junior midget league competition recently at Lycoming field, Stratford. In the first quarter, Charles Egan scored for the Bombers on a one-yard run. The extra point was made by Ed Rooney. Brian Burke made a five yard run for another Lordship touchdown in the second quarter Rooney again made the extra point. A two yard run by Garry Smith gave the Bombers another TD in the third quarter. The point was missed. Rooney then returned the kickoff and ran 60 yards for another Lordship touchdown. In the fourth quarter, Rooney scored on a four - yard run, but the point was missed. Rooney then made another 26 - yard run for the Lordship's final touchdown. The Rams scored in the third period when Dave Carrano made a four-yard run for a TD. Carrano scored again when he returned a kickoff 45 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Next Sunday, the North Stratford Eagles will meet the Lordship Bombers at 12:30 p. m. at Longbrook Park.


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November 16, 1967 - BOMBERS LOSE LEAD, EAGLES HAVE VICTORY: The North Stratford Eagles collided with the Lordship Bombers Sunday at Longbrook Park and managed to claw out a 14-12 victory. It looked as if the Eagles were going to be bombed out as Ed Rooney made the feathers fly with two early scores. Rooney moved the Bombers down to the five yard line with a 30 yard run from the Eagle 35. On a sweep around end, Rooney landed in the Eagle nest. The Eagles rose to the occasion and stopped the Bombers from making what later proved to be a very important extra point. The score stood at 6-0. The Eagles were grounded and after the fourth down turned the ball over to the Bombers. Rooney was not to be stopped this time and went in from the Eagle 10. Again the all important extra point was missed. Don Agvent finally got the Eagles organized and drove up the field on a 40 yard run and a 20 yard pass that carried the Eagles to the Bomber 20 and a first down. The third period saw both teams unable to move the ball until Agvent and Joe Kish finally hit paydirt with a six yard blast by Agvent. Agvent threw a two point pass and the Eagles appeared on the scoreboard for the first time 12-7. Joe Kish with some very strong running drove his way down to the Bomber 11. With only 13 seconds remaining on the clock. QB Agvent thrilled the crowd with a five yard pass to Robert Perry who fought his way over the magic stripe. The fans were still yelling as the completed extra point conversion gave the Eagles a come from behing victory 14-12.


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November 4, 1971: JUNIOR MIDGET LEAGUE: The Lordship Bombers scored a thrilling 12-7 victory over the North Stratford Eagles in Fairfield County Junior Midget Pop Warner football league action recently. Pat Staffaroni accounted for both Bomber touchdowns as coach George Webb's club captured the "mythical" town of Stratford title by beating all three town teams. In league standings, the Bombers (4-1) trail the unbeaten and unscored upon Fairfield Jr. Giants by a half-game. However, the two combines meet Sunday in the first game of a tripleheader slated for Bunnell high school field. Tom Williams' ten-yard pass to Jeff Holroyd and Tony Bredice's extra point gave the Eagles 7-0 third period lead. Ed Brighindi then hit Staffaroni, the league's top scorer with 75 points, on a 60-yard TD aerial. Staffaroni iced the win with a six-yard touchdown early in the final period. Dave Fitzsimmons, John Auger, Rich Macarolle, Sean Kelleher, Damian Craig and Tom Prokop starred on Lordship's defense. This week's schedule includes the Bombers vs. Giants at 11:30 a.m.; the Drowns vs. Stonybrook Rams at 1:30 p.m.; and the Center Lions vs. Eagles at 3:00 p.m.

November 1971 - BOMBERS LOSE 19-0 TO GIANTS: The Lordship Bombers gallant bid to win the Fairfield County Junior Midget Pop Warner football league championship came to a swift end Sunday as the unbeaten and unscored upon Fairfield Giants took all the marbles with a 19-0 win at Bunnell. It meant that they would have to settle for runner-up or what could result in a three-way tie for second place. Whether or not the Bombers finish tied with the Fairfield Jr. Browns who also posted a 4-2 league record or in a three-way logjam will be decided Sunday when the North Stratford Eagles meet the Center Lions in the lone league encounter at Bunnell at 12:30 pm. The Eagles who stand 3-2 in league play could gain a tie by downing the 1-4 Lions. Lordship trailed 7-0 at intermission and the victorious Giants 6-0 tucked away the game with two third period TDs.

December 2, 1971 - LORDSHIP BOMBERS ZIP VICTORY: The Lordship Bombers posted a shutout win last weekend in the first annual Joseph Kiely Bowl game at Penders Field. The Bombers behind Pat Staffaroni who scored three touchdowns, blanked the Milford, Massachusetts Junior Trojans 26-0. Staffaroni who finished the year with 109 points for the 7-2 Bombers scored on runs of 57 and six yards and a 40 yard TD pass from Ed Brighindi. He also added a conversion run. Tom Prokops 20 yard run and Greg Simons extra point capped the Bombers scoring parade. Damian Craig, Rich Macarolie, Sean Kelleher, Dave Fitzsimmons and Jerry Webb starred on defense. Pat Staffaroni was named the games Most Valuable Player.

October 26, 1972 - LORDSHIP BOMBERS SNAP STREAK; BENGALS LANCED: The Lordship Bombers after losing three close outings snapped their losing streak with a 41-0 romp over the Bridgeport Jr. Midget Bengals Sunday at Hedges Stadium. Lordship 2-4-1 overall received a fine performance from running back John Michaelis who scored four touchdowns. Michaelis hauled in TD passes of 53 and 61 yards from Jim Lambert and a 40 yarder from Jerry Webb. He also scored on a four yard run. Jim Tierney threw a 10 yard TD toss to Kevin Kelly while Damian Craig added a 20 yard touchdown run. Craig scored three extra points with Kelly and Kevin Borque adding one apiece. The offense which totaled 230 yards passing and 150 running was balanced with the outstanding defensive play of Dave Fitzsimmons, John Auger, Paul Kelly, Martin Collier and Mike Owens. The streaking Center Lions copped their fifth win in seven outings beating the Fairfield Jr. Giants 24-0. In the other local contest the Stonybrook Rams lost to the Fairfield Jr. Browns. The North Stratford Eagles 4-0-1 were idle. Sundays slate pits the Rams and Bombers at 12:30 in a Stratford PAL Junior Midget contest at Penders Field. The Eagles meet the Bengals in an independent clash at Hedges Stadium at 12:15 pm.

November 8, 1972 - EAGLES SHADE BOMBERS IN POP WARNER TUSSLE: Dave Evans scored a touchdown on a 12-yard run in the second period of play to account for the game's only scoring as the North Stratford Eagles edged the Lordship Bombers, 6-0 in a key Stratford PAL Junior Midge Pop Warner football league game recently. North Stratford, which tops the loop with a 4-0 record, lifted it overall mark to 6-0-1. Lordship fell to 2-3 in league and 3-5 overall.



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