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The Lordship Fathers Club was formed in 1947 for the purpose of helping the children of Lordship either directly or through the schools. After World War II most schools in Stratford and across the country formed Fathers Clubs to give the men of the community a vehicle to contribute to the community. The Lordship Fathers Club is the only one left in Stratford and one of the few left in the country. It is believed that the Lordship Fathers Club is the oldest organization of its type in the country. The club recently held their 51st Annual Spelling Bee at Lordship School in May 2011. The club has been holding a Halloween Party every year since 1947 and an Easter Egg Hunt every year since 1948 for the children of Lordship. A streak of over 64 consecutive years. Through the years the LFC has run blood banks, scholarship programs, sponsored Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Lordship Bombers and various Little League teams. The LFC currently helps sponsor the Our Lady of Peace CYO basketball teams. Growing up in Lordship, we all have our memories of attending the annual picnics held at Booth Park, attending the shows held from the early 1950's to 1993, the annual Children's Olympics or battling for eggs at the annual Easter Egg Hunt where over 500 children would compete for a limited quantity of chocolate rabbits.

Anyone interested in becoming active in the community is asked to contact one of the board members or attend the next meeting. Currect activities are on the club's website at:

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    The LFC is currently holding its annual membership. For those who do not receive a newsletter, attached is a copy of the membership card. Your membership will allow the LFC continue to enrich the social welfare and support the education of Stratford's youth. The LFC also offers relief for the distressed or underprivileged and provide a focal point for community based activities and volunteer work.


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    LFC Executive Board

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    October 21, 1947 - The Lordship Fathers' club will meet Wednesday, 8 p.m. in Lordship School. All men of Lordship are invited to attend. Plans will be made for a Halloween party and dance Oct, 28, in the school. There will be games and prizes. The Father's Club is a new organization. Officers are Martin Tristine, president; Edwin Sargent, vice president; Irving Zar, secretary and treasurer; Clinton Brooks, membership chairman; Frank Weller, publicity chairman; Albert Osman program chairman and Louis Katz, procurement chairman.

    LFC Executive Board

    LFC Executive Board

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    LFC Bowling

    October 24, 1947: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB IS READY FOR ITS HALLOWEEN PARTY: Arrangements were completed on Wednesday (10/22/47) evening by the newly organized Lordship Fathers Club at a meeting in the local school for the Halloween party which it will stage in the school auditorium next Tuesday (10/28/47) as its first public function. The program will include the traditional diversions of the festival.

    September 14, 1948: The Lordship Fathers Club will meet Wednesday at 8:30 pm in the hall over Tiburzis store.

    January 6, 1948 - SCOUTS TO AID FATHERS PROVIDE SKATING SPOTS: Boy Scouts directed by Paul Toth are joining Fathers clubs and other organizations to assist the town in preparing ice skating ponds for children in various sections of the town, Town Manager Harry B, Flood says. The group directed by Mr. Toth, he said, has notified him that it plans to place sandbags around an area adjoining the Clover Street playground and will then flood it for skating. The Lordship Fathers Club already has prepared an area in the school playground and it has been flooded once, Because of the heavy snows the club will have to clear the area before further flooding can be accomplished.

    January 16, 1948: LORDSHIP FATHERS SPONSOR NEW TEENAGE GROUP; HALL DONATED BY MERCHANT: Lordship will soon have its own teen age club for social and recreational activities for children of this age group under the sponsorship of the Lordship Fathers Club it was made known this week. Al Tiburzi, Lordship merchant, has donated space over his store in Jefferson Street for the use of both groups for meetings and activities and is donating material to renovate and decorate the hall. Members of the fathers group are providing the man power and technical knowledge for the project which will include heating, sanitary facilities, partitions and painting of the new quarters. All teenagers of the community are eligible for membership, Martin Tristine, president announced this week. The written approval of parents is required. Charter members of the new group are formulating plans for election of officers and future activities to take place as soon as the new quarters are ready for use. All meetings of the club will be under adult supervision Mr. Tristine said.

    January 23, 1948: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB BUYS MOVIE PROJECTOR: Lordship School was assured regularly scheduled programs of motion pictures this week with the announcement of the Lordship Fathers Club that a movie projector had been purchased by the group with the proceeds from its various activities and that feature motion pictures will be shown on dates which will be announced by the school. Funds for the projector were raised by the club by several recent activities, including a Halloween Dance, a Pancake and Sausage Supper and the showing of movies in the school every other Friday night in recent months with a borrowed projector.

    May 7, 1948 - LORDSHIP FATHERS INSTALL HENRY LYONS AS PRESIDENT: Henry Lyons was installed as president of the Lordship Fathers Club Wednesday night at a meeting in their new club rooms over Tiburzis store. Other officers installed were: Raymond Palmer, vice- president; Irvin Saar, treasurer and D. James Morey, secretary. (Note: A week later Henry Lyons was elected president of the Lordship Improvement Association succeeding Cliff Hutchison. Bill Rabineau became the second president of the Lordship Fathers Club. Henry Lyons would become the 3rd president in 1949-1950).

    January 21, 1949: YOUTH CENTER TO OPEN: The new Lordship Youth Center will open its doors with an official unveiling ceremony tomorrow night. More than 40 dads are responsible for this much wanted center to keep the children off the streets and provide recreational facilities in their own neighborhood. The Lordship Fathers Club has purchased a 16mm camera and screen so that movies may be shown every Friday night. In less than a year the club has set up a 60 x 40 hall complete with heating, kitchen, stage and recreation tables for about $3,000. All of this work has been done by and equipment procured from men in town interested in the project at a savings of over $5,000. The Pauline Street room will be called the Lordship Community Hall with the hope that an old fashioned friendly neighborhood spirit may be rekindled among the residents. As a result of the Fathers Clubs work, boys and girls have formed an organization comprised of 50 youngsters known as the Lordship Youth Organization headed by Eugene Ferrio. The open house program will include a band for dancing and refreshments. The Lordship Fathers Club wants all Lordshippers to attend the opening tomorrow night even if only for a few minutes.

    June 24, 1949: LORDSHIP FATHERS TRY TO SNEAK UP ON MOSQUITOES: Any citizens found walking around in a fog in Lordship Wednesday night will please not be referred to the nearest psychiatrist for examination. At about 7:30 that night the Todd Fogging Machine Company in cahoots with the Lordship Fathers Club, snuck up on the unsuspecting population and draped a small area with a heavy mist designed to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests during the summer. Tonight at 8pm now that the air has cleared and good friends recognize each other once more, the Fathers Club, the Lordship Improvement Association, the Jetty Club and other organizations responsible for the trial run of the fabulous fog are meeting in the Fathers Club hall to confer with the operators of the fogging machines, hear the results of the tests and determine the costs of a project to eliminate all pests from the Lordship area. William Rabineau, president of the Fathers Club has appointed Thomas Coughlin, chairman of the committee to carry on the mosquito control work for the season. It appears at this point that the residents so far contacted are determined that something definite be done about the matter, Mr. Coughlin said. All persons representing any club, organizations, etc., desiring any information regarding this matter are welcome to attend the meeting tonight, Mr. Coughlin announced. Tim Janosko, Stratfords tree warden was present (as far as anyone could see) at the Wednesday night demonstrations.

    November 11, 1949: The Lordship Fathers Club in collaboration with the Lordship PTA will present an all male minstrel show next Friday and Saturday in Lordship School at 8 pm. The following committees have been announced by Mrs. Martin Tristine, president of the PTA Costumes, Mrs. James Morey, Mrs. Stanley Farnsworth, Mrs. Frank Weller; kitchen, Mrs. Harold Connelly, Mrs. James McMellon; tickets, Mrs. Irwin Botsford and Mrs. Martin Tristine. The show is under the direction of Irvine Schofield.

    May 15, 1950: LORDSHIP VS. BIRDSEYE: The Lordship Fathers Club softball team will match its athletic ability against the Birdseye School Fathers Club team on Sunday, May 21 at Diamond 1 Longbrook Park beginning at 10:30 am. The LFC team practiced at Staples Field at the corner of York Street and Park Blvd.

    November 3, 1950: Plans are being formulated for the annual all-male minstrel to be presented by the Fathers Club, December 1st and 2nd, Director Irv Schofield has announced. The Fathers Club was host to the children of Lordship with a block party Halloween night at the Fathers Club hall. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were present to distribute candy and gifts to all the children. Prizes were awarded for outstanding costumes. Winners included: Bruce Hutchison dressed as a witch; Jill Johnson as Raggedy Ann; Bobby Coughlin as a red devil; Judy Hessels as a clown; Bobby Brelsford dressed as a little girl; Chickie Barry, Sandy Sargeant, Ruthie Zar and Joan Ottaway as two-headed monsters; Pat Perrelli as a nun; Patty Olsen dressed in a costume of newspaper. Irv Schofield, chairman was assisted by Marty Tristine, Jim Ketcham, Ed Finnegan and Walt Bulmer. Judges of costumes were Ted Yale, William Robinson and Albert Osman. A wonderful time was had by each and every child who attended the block party.

    November 10, 1950: LITTLE LEAGUE BANQUET: The Lordship Fathers Club will sponsor a banquet in honor of the Lordship Little League baseball team at the Fathers Club hall on Pauline Street Saturday at 7 pm. The Lordship team finished in a tie for first place and lost in a playoff. Coach of the team is Gene Ferrio. Members of the team to be honored are: Captain Ed Brighindi, Bill Robinson, John Straton, Malcolm Ottaway, Tony Defeo, Jim Klosek, Harry Wilcoxson, Bob Holmgren, Ed Finnegan, Sean Gorman, Ray Johnson, Art Ricketts, Gaylord Brown and bat boy Richard Robinson. Trophies will be awarded to all players on the team. Guest speakers will be Vincent Devitt, head of the Stratford Little League and coach of the New England champion Raybestos softball team and John Antoniak, head of the Bridgeport Little League. John Gorman will be master of ceremonies. The Reverend John Walsh, pastor of Our Lady of Peace Church will give the invocation. Reverend Bruckner Coe, pastor of the Lordship Communtiy Church will give the benediction. The committee in charge of the banquet are Eric Ambler, chairman; assisted by Ray Troy, Walt Bulmer, Ed Finnegan and Al Cockfield. All residents of Lordship are invited to see the presentation of awards.

    February 16, 1951: LFC MINSTREL SHOW TONIGHT: Do not forget the Lordship Fathers Club minstrel to be held tonight (Friday) and tomorrow night (Saturday) in the Lordship School auditorium. It will be an old-fashioned minstrel show with an all-male cast under the direction of Irv Schofield. Dr. Harold Connelly and his Lordship Orchestra will furnish the music for the show and dancing will follow. Accompanist will be Mary Malone. Those in the cast include; Henry Lyons interlocutor; Bill Rabineau, Marty Tristine, Charles Craig and Irv Schofield, endmen; Gene Ferrio, Stan Farnsworth, Ernie Gendall, Bill Robinson, John Gorman, Bob Holmgren and Tom Evans, soloists; and the popular quartet, Three Whiffs and a Poof from Bullard Haven Tech will also entertain.

    October 19, 1951: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB ELECTS OFFICERS: Tuesday evening, October 11, the Lordship Fathers Club met in their hall on Pauline Street and elected the following officers: Martin Tristine, president; William Rabineau, vice-president; Irving Zar, treasurer and Albert Lapke, secretary. The years business was discussed and it was announced that on October 31, they would put on a mammoth Halloween party of the children at the Fathers Club hall. Irv Schofield, as the chairman of the Ways and Means committee will be in charge. Prizes will be awarded and refreshments will be served at the Halloween party.

    April 10, 1952: FATHERS CLUB SMOKER: The Lordship Fathers Club will hold its first annual Smoker Wednesday, April 16 at 8:00 pm at the Fathers Club hall, Pauline Street. Principal speaker will be George Kiddo Davis, former New York Giant and Philadelphia baseball player. Other entertainment will include five exhibition boxing bouts by members of the Stratford P.A.L. and moving pictures of the Globetrotters pro ball team. Refreshments will be served. Invited guests will be the Rev. Buckner Coe, Rev. John Walsh, Mr. Fred Cowles, Mr. Ted Jorkenson and Porky Viera, Central High school basketball are. Marty Tristine will serve as toastmaster. Members of the committee in charge of the affair include: Ed Finnegan, chairman; Ray Lynch, Don Young, Vic Perna and Irv Schofield.

    October 2, 1952 - The Lordship Fathers Club held its first formal meeting of the season Wednesday at the Fathers Club hall. Carl Valentine, president presided at the meeting. The club will be led by the following officers: Carl Valentine, president; Henry Kell, vice-president; Albert Lapke, secretary; Raymond Lynch, Treasurer. The following were named as committee chairmen for the coming year: Henry Kell and Bill Robinson, membership; Ed Finnegan, program; Jim Ketcham, public relations; Ray Lynch, finance; Marty Tristine, school committee, Gene Ferrio and Art Pivirotto, athletic committee, Irv Schofield, entertainment. The club plans to hold its regular monthly meetings the first Wednesday of every month with the third Thursday of each month set aside for executive board meetings. Anyone is welcome to attend either of these meetings. Circulars were distributed throughout Lordship last week inviting residents to the first monthly meeting and also outlining the objectives of the Fathers Club in general. The Fathers Club was organized for the purpose of promoting the welfare of the children in the home, school, church and community, to assist the PTA towards the fulfillment of its objectives and to provide a means for Lordship families to meet socially. The club members have proved in the past to be a very progressive group. They have purchased a sound projector, screen and record player for the Lordship School, they sponsor various benefit movies for Lordship Organizations, they conduct an annual Halloween party for the children of Lordship, and they maintain a community center for the use of Lordship residents and are active in many other projects. Carl Valentine, president is urging all Lordship residents to join the Fathers Club as their interest and active participation are greatly needed.

    January 15, 1953: An enthusiastic gathering of dads and lads welcomed three of Yales stalwart gridiron heroes at the Lordship Fathers Club Sports night yesterday in the Lordship clubrooms. Captain-elect Joe Fortunato of Yales 1953 football team and stellar varsity offensive back Bob Poole accompanied the Blues scoring-against-Harvard manager Charlie Yeager to Stratford to make the evening an unqualified success. After a preliminary sports film, President Carl Valentine of the Fathers Club introduced Messrs. Fortunato, Poole and Yeager individually to the audience. Mr. Yeager explained the evolution and careful preparation for the climax in any Yale football managers career, that of scoring against Harvard. He related several anecdotes and explained the impact of his feat. He assured the assemblage that Harvard grads accepted the incident with the grace and true sportsmanship of a rivalry of long and honored standing. In fact, during his Christmas vacation, the Syracuse Harvard Club had his as a speaker and presented him with a Harvard chair in recognition of his unusual accomplishment. When he was through, the trio was bombarded with questions from the floor by the enthusiastic small fry and their equally interested dads. This period was followed by a showing of the scoring highlights of the Yale and Columbia-Cornell-Dartmouth-Princeton and Harvard games. The Yale heroes present were cheered throughout the film by the irrepressible youngsters. Mr. Valentine thanked the committee headed by Stan Heiden for their efficient arrangements and Bill Robinson for the film program and presentation. Refreshments for the lads brought the evening to a fitting close.

    April 9, 1953: The Lordship Fathers Club relinquished using Tiburzis Hall on Pauline Street for monthly meetings and will hold future meetings at various members homes. Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month between September and June. The LFC will continue to use the Hall for other activities.

    June 11, 1953 - The Lordship Fathers Club recently elected the following slate of officers for the coming year: Stan Heiden, president; Ray Lynch, treasurer; Albert Lapke, vice-president and Gene Walsh, secretary. The Fathers Club has a softball game on the agenda for Sunday morning at 10:30 at Lordship Field against Moran and Macks Grill.

    July 15, 1954: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB ANNUAL OUTING: The annual outing held on July 4th by the Lordship Fathers Club at Coulters Grove in Putney was heartily enjoyed by the more than 150 who attended and hopes are high that next year will favor them with better weather than they enjoyed that day. Next on the agenda for the Fathers Club will be their annual Labor Day softball game between the Lordship Firemen and the Lordship Fathers Club. Practice sessions are now under way on Sunday mornings but a few good former ball players are assured of a hearty welcome so if it is exercise you want, get out there and join it! The following officers were elected at a recent meeting to head the Fathers Club for the coming year: Stan Heiden, re-elected president; Al Markis, vice-president; Gene Walsh, treasurer; Jack Jarvis, secretary.

    September 5, 1954 - LORDSHIP VOLUNTEER FIREMEN VERSUS LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB SOFTBALL ROSTERS ANNOUNCED: Final arrangements including the swapping of lineups have been completed for the annual Labor Day Softball game between the Lordship Volunteer Firemen and the Lordship Fathers Club Monday at 2:30 p.m., on the Lordship School field. There will be a costume parade preceding the game. Council chairman D. James Morey, Pandy Sota and Chris Meehan will be the umpires. Playing for the Fathers Club will be William Robinson, Vic Swaller, James Canelli, Al Markis, Harry Eales, Bob Thompson, Gene Walsh, James McMellon, Martin Tristine, Jack Jarvis, Stanley Heiden, Ralph Carrano, Al Johnson, Henry Lyons, Do Young, Walt Bulmer and Ed Finnegan. The Firemen will have Fred Kuhn, Bob Weidman, Jim Romano, Fred Marino, James Atkins, Fred Biebel, Fred Donaldson, George French, Bernie McKay, Cliff Beeman, Don Donaldson, John Bloom, Andre Fretas, Al Woolard, Walter Mohr, John Herman, Adam Genga, Ralph Mother, Frank Rohlman and Manuel Quintana.


    September 9, 1954: Lordship was on hand en masse to witness the annual softball game between the Lordship Fathers Club and the Lordship Firemen held on the school field Labor Day. The players displayed much ingenuity in their choice of the proper uniforms ranging from long drawers to a hula dancer. The Fathers Club was the victor 5-4. Umpires were Jim Morley, very chi-chi in his Bermuda shorts; Chris Meehan and Pandy Sota. Playing for the Fathers Club were: Jim Canelli, Al Markis, Gene Walsh, Vic Swaller, Bob Stone, Bill Robinson, Harry Eales, Jim McMellon, Bob Thompson, Marty Tristine, Harry Lyons, Jack Jarvis, Stan Heiden, Al Johnson, Ed Finnegan, Ralph Carrano, Don Young and Walt Bulmer.

    October 20, 1954 - Lordship Fathers Set For Halloween Dance: The Lordship Fathers club will sponsor a Halloween dance and party in the Fathers Club Hall Saturday at 8 p.m. There win be prizes for various types of costumes and the affair is open to all residents of Lordship. Carl DeLorenzo is in charge of arrangements assisted by Myles Gerrity, Robert Stone and Victor Swaller. The Lordship Beachcombers will provide the music.

    October 23, 1954 - Lordship Dads Prepare For Minstrel Show: The Lordship Fathers club is in rehearsal for its annual minstrel show to be presented Dec. 3 and 4 in the hall of Our Lady of Peace Church. Rehearsals take place Mondays at 7:30 p.m. in the Lordship School hall and all male residents of Lordship have been invited to participate. Stanley Heiden is in charge of the program. Jack Jarvis and Rheinhard Harms are directing the music and Irv Schofield is directing the end men.

    October 30, 1954 - In the Lordship area, the Lordship Fathers Club will have its annual Halloween costume parade and party for the youngsters of the district tonight at 7 o'clock in Our Lady of Peace Hall, with prizes and refreshments for all children of the district.

    November 30, 1954 - LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB PRESENTS OLD TIME MINSTREL SHOW FRIDAY: The Lordship Fathers' club will present its annual old-time minstrel show Friday and Saturday nights at 8:30 o'clock in Our Lady of Peace auditorium in the Lordship area. The show, a highlight of the winter season in the beach area is open to the public. William Rabineau will be the interlocutor with Irving Schofield, Les Hoffman, Harry Bales and Warren Ernst as end-men. William Harms will be the pianist. In the minstrel circle will be; Myles Gerrity, Robert Stone, Thomas Bunting, Pandley Sota, Stephen Lewis, Martin Tristine, Jerry Carlin, Carl DeLorenzo, Thomas Keating, Lawrence Ackley, Alexander Markis, Albert Cockfield, Eugene Walsh, Donald Young, Paul Pjura, Victor Swaller, Orten Pengue, Frank Battista, Stanley Heiden, Vincent Rackiewicz, Jack Jarvis, Robert Young, James Klosek, Arthur Weinstein, William Robinson, Donald Elmerdorf, Chris Meehan and Robert Underhill. Myles Gerrity is ticket chairman.

    December 2, 1954 - If you enjoy a real old fashioned minstrel show the Lordship Fathers Club has tickets available for its show scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. in Our Lady of Peace auditorium. In the past, the show has always played to packed houses and then had to go "on the road" for a performance or two.

    December 2, 1954 - LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB ANNUAL SHOW: The Lordship Fathers Club will present its annual Minstrel Show on Friday and Saturday evening at 8:30 at Our Lady of Peace Church Hall. General chairmen of the affair are Stan Heiden, program; Irv Schofield, end men; Jack Jarvis, music and chorus; Myles Gerrity, tickets. Cast included interlocutor, Bill Rabineau; end men, Irv Schofield, Warren Ernst, Les Hoffman and Harry Eales; pianist, Bill Harms; chorus, Myles Gerrity, Bob Stone, Thomas Bunting, Pandely Sota, Steve Lewis, Marty Tristine, Jerry Carlin, Carl DeLorenzo, Tom Keating, Larry Ackley, Al Markis, Al Cockfield, Gene Walsh, Don Young, Paul Pjura, Vic Swaller, Ort Pengue, Frank Battisa, Stan Heiden, Vin Rackiewicz, Jack Jarvis, Bob Young, Jim Klosek, Art Weinstein, Bill Robinson, Don Elmendorf, Chris Meehan and Bob Underhill. The orchestra will be the Lordship Beachcombers. Tickets can be obtained from members of the cast. Plans are now being made for the New Years Eve Dance to be given in the Fathers Club Hall. Carl DeLorenzo is chairman assisted by Vic Swaller, Myles Gerrity, Bob Stone and Steve Lewis. Music will be by the Lordship Beachcombers. The committee requests that those interested in attending make their reservations early as the number of persons to be accommodated in the hall is limited.

    March 3, 1955: LORDSHIP SCHOOL RECEIVES GIFT FOR FATHERS CLUB: The Lordship School was recently the recipient of a gift of three record players given by the Lordship Fathers Club. They have also arranged to have teachers in the school choose two film strips, the selection of which was left to the teacher to cover her specific needs. Since it is not generally known just what the Fathers Club accomplishes, I think this is a good time to point out that all funds raised in their social projects are used either directly toward the school or to provide many entertainments that are open to the children of Lordship, such as their annual Easter Egg Hunt, which will be the next event and will be held at Lordship Road on the Bluffs, April 9. The Club also sponsors the Halloween party and the Family Picnic which takes place annually during the summer. They donated a gift of a special typewriter to the Sedgewick School also this year since there are Lordship children attending classes there. Therefore, we should keep these gestures in mind when the Fathers Club holds dances and minstrels.

    April 7, 1955: LFC ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT: The Lordship Fathers club will have motion pictures in the Lordship School at 10 am for children of Lordship and the egg hunt on Park Boulevard at 11:15 am. Thomas Bunting has charge of the Lordship egg hunt.

    April 14, 1955: LFC NAMES OFFICERS: The results of the recent election of officers for the Lordship Fathers Club have been announced as follows: Jack Jarvis, president; Al Markis, vice-president; Larry Ackley, treasurer and Myles Gerrity, recording secretary. Mr. Jarvis will succeed Stan Heiden, leader of this organization for the past two years. Paul Pjura has been named chairman for a dance to be held in May and it was announced that the annual outing to take place in Coulters Grove on July 3 is open to all Lordship residents. The members also voted to rent the hall on Pauline Street for weddings, banquets and other social events with Larry Ackley in charge of bookings.

    January 13, 1956: LORDSHIP DADS PREPARE FOR MINSTREL SHOW: The annual old fashioned minstrel show sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club will be presented February 10 and 11 in the Lordship School auditorium. Irvin Schofield is in charge of arrangements and first rehearsal has been planned for tonight in the Fathers Club hall on Pauline Street.

    February 9, 1956 - The Lordship Fathers Club will present its annual minstrel show on Friday and Saturday evenings, February 10 and 11 at 8:15 pm in the Lordship School auditorium. Once again Irv Schofield will be directing a cast which includes: interlocutor, Charles Craig; end men, Warren Ernst, Stan Heiden, Myles Gerrity, Tom Keating, Les Hoffman; specialties, Vin Rackiewicz, Bob McCorkle, Bob Franz, Carl Valentine, Bill Adams, Jim Bosward and a dance routine by Paul Pjura, Larry Ackley, Bill Stott and Dick Gleason. Jean Terrell will introduce a new innovation in minstrel shows with a rock n roll number. Chorus will include Dick Finn, Tom Bunting, Burt St. Clair, Bill Robinson, Bill Pancak, Al Markis, Harry Hammer, Jim Tyrell, Bob Stone, Ort Pengue, Vic Swaller, Carl DeLorenzo, Marty Tristine and Al Osman. Accompanist will be Eunice Terrell with additional music by the Norland Trio. Tickets may be obtained from members of the club and are good for either Friday or Saturday. Carl DeLorenzo and Larry Ackley are in charge of program and Bob Stone in charge of tickets.

    April 19, 1956: The first executive board meeting of the newly elected officers of the Lordship Fathers Club was held Wednesday evening to discuss plans for the summer season and appoint committees. Serving on the Board are Warren Ernst, president; Bob Stone, vice-president, Paul Pjura, treasurer; Vic Swaller, secretary; Myles Gerrity, business manager and Stan Heiden, past president. First affair on the Clubs agenda will be the dinner on Saturday, May 19 that they are sponsoring for all 1956 high school graduates from the Lordship area. Richard Finn is chairman assisted by the new officers of the club.

    May 24, 1956 - The Lordship Fathers Club provided a most enjoyable evening for high school graduates from this area last Saturday night. Irving Schofield acted as Master of Ceremonies. Following an excellent supper tributes were paid the graduates by the following guests: Thomas Coughlin, guest speaker; Paul Pjura, president of the Lordship Improvement Association; Bob Stone, vice-president of both the Fathers Club and the Holy Name Society who represented Reverend John Cavanaugh; Harry Flood, Town Manager; Charles Craig, Councilman 10th District; Mrs. Harry Lyons, Board of Education; Edwin Cox, Superintendent of Schools; Ed Dorne, chairman of Town Council; Al Torgen, chairman of the Board of Education; Milt Holcomb, Board of Education; Mrs. Emma Cowles, Principal of Lordship School; Reverend Robert Meier, Pastor Lordship Community Church; Mrs. Jack Bixby, President Lordship PTA; Robert Weidman, President Lordship Fire Department; Richard Finn, chairman of the dinner. Mr. Finn was assistd by Warren Ernst, president of the Fathers Club; Stan Heiden, Carl DeLorenzo, Richard Gleason and Vic Swaller. Among the graduates feted were: Mary Ann Tristine, Mary Schofield, Judy Engelhard, Georgette LaCroix, Dorothea Squibb, Gail Williams, Marjie Willis, Sandy Goddu, Elaine Thibault, Carl Zelich, George Gray, Eddie Brighindi, Marsha Wiebe, Bob Young, Art Weinstein, Eddie Soldi, Don Elemendorf and Rose Lisi.


    Olympics King and Queen


    Olympics King and Queen


    Olympics race


    Olympics race

    June 14, 1956: Warren Ernst, president of the Lordship Fathers Club reports that the club has a busy summer season lined up beginning on July 1, when the Annual Family Picnic will be held at Coutlers Grove in Putney. The hours will be from 10 am until dark. Paul Pjura and Vic Swaller are co-chairmen of the affair. Committee chairman are: Bob Stone, bar; Warren Ernst, food, Stan Heiden, games and recreation; Myles Gerrity, tickets; Burt St. Clair, cleanup. Serving on the various committees are: Tom Bunting, Tom Keating, Al Baroni, Tony Salerno, Frank Sorrentino, Al Markis, Bill Pancak, John Martino, Dick Finn, Dick Gleason, Vin Rackiewicz, John Gill and Carl DeLorenzo. Tickets should be purchased in advance if possible so the committee can plan for refreshments. The Lordship Fathers Club has accepted the challenge of the Lordship Athletic Association for a softball game to be held July 4 at 10:30 am. All members are requested to get in shape. One or more local medicos may be asked to donate their professional services for the affair. On Sunday August 5 at 2 pm the Fathers Club will sponsor the Lordship Olympics. Co-chairmen selected at the last meeting will be Tom Bunting and Burt St. Clair. Events are being broken down by school grades as follows: Kindergarten; 1st and 2nd; 3rd and 4th; 5th and 6th. Events will feature running races, peanut relays, spoon and egg races, potato races, jumping, standing broad jump, ball throwing for distance and accuracy and a watermelon eating contest. Tickets for free refreshments will be given to participating children. Registration blanks were handed out in the Lordship School this past week. Lordship children from other schools can also register as blanks are available at the Community Pharmacy and at Marinos Lordship Center store or by contacting either of the general chairmen.

    July 12, 1956: The surprise of the season with the Lordship Fathers Club beating the Lordship Athletic Association in the annual softball game on the Fourth by a score of 9 to 5. Perhaps the fact that the Fathers had a pro in pitcher Ed Finnegan helped a lot. Home runs by Mike Plantamura and Warren Ernst also helped build up the score. A hot dog roast was enjoyed on the beach later by the following members and families: Bob Stone, Vic Swaller, Norm Hessels, Clarence Diedrickson, Burt St. Clair, Warren Ernst, Carl DeLorenzo, Stan Heiden, Bob McCorkle and Tom Bunting.

    August 30, 1956: THE ANNUAL SOFTBALL GAME THIS LABOR DAY: The Lordship Fathers Club and the Lordship Volunteer Fire Department will hold their annual softball game on Labor Day at 2:30 pm at the Lordship School playground. As is usual in this most unusual contest there will be many and varied costumes to delight the audience. Since strict observation to the rules and ability to handle a ball are the last of the worries of either club, we can expect some hilarious antics from the boys. George French and Warren Ernst are co-chairmen and assure us that refreshments to please every palate, both young and old will be available at the game. Stan Heiden, Coach Emeritus, promises nothing. Take the whole family and depending on where your loyalties lie let us help them along with a good cheering section. Note: The Lordship Fathers Club won the game 9 to 3.

    April 11, 1957: The Lordship Fathers Club had its election of officers this week. Warren Ernst of Margherita Lawn was reelected president for the second year. Others named were Burt St. Clair of Curtis Avenue, vice-president; Thomas Bunting of Spruce Street, treasurer and Robert McCorkle of Hemlock Street, secretary.

    August 15, 1957: 400 LORDSHIP CHILDREN VIE IN SECOND ANNUAL OLYMPICS: About 400 children participated this week in the second annual Lordship Olympics. Trophies were awarded to King Tom Penders and Queen Julie Withington. Refreshments were served to all children and parents. Winners of the events were as follows:


    LFC Show 1951


    Olympics 1956


    LFC Olympics 1957


    Tiburzis Hall


    LFC show 1960


    LFC cast 1961


    LFC cast 1961


    Blood bank 1962


    Spelling Bee 1963

    August 29, 1957: There will be laughs every minute Monday afternoon as Lordship Fathers Club members stage their annual comic Labor Day softball game. Fun starts at 2:30 pm on the Lordship School baseball grounds. Refreshments will be served after the game. Tickets may be purchased from any member of both teams. The committee in charge is headed by Burt St. Clair and includes Warren Ernst, Stan Heiden, Victor Swaller, Tom Keating, Myles Gerrity, Al Markis, William Pancak, Hugo Lisco, Jerome Carlin and Ed Kiely.

    September 5, 1957: LORDSHIP ANNUAL SOFTBALL GAME: The annual comic softball game was played between the Lordship Fathers Club and the Lordship Athletic Association on Labor Day. Either the Dads are improving or their opposition is aging since the score this year was only 8 to 6 in favor of the AA. Playing for the fathers were Al Markis, Ed Finnegan, Vic Swaller, Jim Canelli, Ed Kiely, Mike Plantamura, Marty Tristine, Irv Schofield, Walt Bulmer, Stan Heiden, Tony Caseria, Gene Walsh, John Gill, Bob Stone, Bill Jacobs and Jerry Carlin. For the Lordship AA: Pete Fagan, John Stratton, Jim McMellon, Pete Becker, Connie Orloff, Woody Anderson, Don Sebas, George Gray, Bill Robinson, Sean Gorman, Art Weinstein, Wes Shaffner and Gene Ferrio.

    November 14, 1957: Women members of the Lordship-Great Neck PTA are currently canvassing the town for Boosters whose names will appear in the program for the Lordship Fathers Club annual minstrel show. It will be presented Friday, November 29 at Lordship School and Saturday November 30 at Johnson Junior High School.

    December 19, 1957: LORDSHIP DADS HIT RECORD IN TICKET HOLDER ATTENDANCE: The Lordship Fathers Club celebrated its 11th year by breaking all attendance records during its two Minstrels the last of November and announced through its President Warren Ernst this week a total of $1,200 realized from ticket sales. The record income for the Lordship Fathers Club promises President Ernst said, the biggest in year in 1958 yet offered to the children of Lordship. In 1958 a new and brighter lineup of recreational activities is being planned for Lordship youth Ernst said. Everyone in Lordship aside from the members of the Club know what our programs for the coming year are and will be, but we want to thank those who helped make our show this past month such a huge success he said. The Lordship Fathers Club will hold a New Years Eve Dance and will be followed in the coming year with a Valentines Day Dance, Easter Egg Hunt, Spring Dance and a Father and Son Sports night among others. Another project realized by the Club this past year was the purchase of an Opague Projector for the Lordship School in addition to other donations made to the school. Next year the Stratford News will publish a series of articles on the 11 year history of the Lordship Fathers Club (Note: never happened).

    April 3, 1958: LORDSHIP FATHERS TO HOLD EASTER EGG HUNT SATURDAY: Warren Ernst, president of the Lordship Fathers Club has announced that the annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held this Saturday, April 5. School children from the Lordship area up to the sixth grade are invited to participate. The program will start at 10:00 am with a cartoon show in the Lordship School auditorium and the Easter Egg Hunt will follow at 10:30 am along the beach front from Margherita Lawn to Lordship Road. Al Markis and Bill Pancak are co-chairmen and their committee includes: Carl DeLorenzo, Wilbert Jacob, Stan Heiden, Larry Ackley, Tom Bunting, Jerry Carlin, Warren Ernst, John Gill, Nick Giarniero, Bob Goral, Hugo Liscio, Les Hoffman, Frank Pepe, Henry Komski, Burt St. Clair, Bob McCorkle, Ort Pengue, Bob Stone, John Ripley, Irv Schofield, Bill Stott, Fred Shanahan, Vic Swaller and Vince Massey. Over six hundred children are expected to participate.

    June 27, 1958: LORDSHIP JUNIOR OLYMPICS: The Lordship Fathers Club held its annual Junior Olympics Day Sunday, June 22nd on the Lordship School field. Each year this event attracts a large turnout of competitive youngsters performing before wildly cheering parents and friends. Refreshments are served during the competition and the whole show supervised and scored by members of the Lordship Fathers Club. Mark Olexovitch was a two time winner during the afternoon capturing the 25 yard and 50 yard dashes in the first and second grade classes. Kevin Rooney won 25 yard dash in the kindergarten group and also teamed up with Joyce Olexovitch to take the 25 yard hand holding event. Eddie Genga and Mike Troy were also outstanding, winning two events each in their classes while Kathy Logan won 3 firsts and Ruth May took two for outstanding honors among the girls. Other first place winners were; Steve Cibulsky, Ruth May, Bettyann Taylor, Nick Milin, John Rooney, Joseph DeMartino and Kathy Logan.

    November 25, 1958 - SOLOS PLANNED BY DADS FOR LORDSHIP FOLLIES: The Lordship Follies of 1958 will be presented by the Lordship Fathers club Friday at 8:30 p.m., in the Lordship school auditorium and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. in the Johnson Junior High auditorium. Solo performances, Les Hoffman, director and producer reports, will be given by Martin Tristine, Burt St. Clair, Warren Ernst, Robert McCorkle, Stanley Heiden, Irv Schofield and a score of others. Barbara Holt will be the accompanist and Art Mitchell will lead the orchestra.

    November 26, 1958: The Lordship Follies of 1958 presented by the Lordship Fathers Club will be held Friday, November 28 at the Lordship School and Saturday November 29 at the Johnson Junior High School. Both performances will start at 8:30 pm. The show has been written and directed by Les Hoffman. Miss Barbara Holt will be the accompanist and the orchestra will be led by Art Mitchell. When the curtain is rung up for the opening act of this annual show the cast will include: Joe Kiely, Ed Kiely, Marty Tristine, Charles Hebert, Irv Schofield, Bob McCorkle, Warren Ernst, Frank Fassanella, Tom Bunting, Stan Heiden, Burt St. Clair, Hugo Liscio, Al Wheeler, Myron Gould, Larry Ackley, Myles Gerrity, Ralph Hardy, Vin Rackiewicz, Jim Tyrell, Jack Jarvis, Al Markis, Gene Walsh, Vin Massey, Fred Shanahan, Ort Pengue, Vic Swaller, Tom Keating, Bob Chamberlain, Bob Undershill and Al Paradis. The proceeds from this show enable the club to sponsor their many annual events such as Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Party, Lordship High School graduates dinner, Lordship Olympics and donations to the schools. If several members of the Lordship Fathers Club look rather battered and stiff, blame it on the fact that they still think they are in their prime. The young at heart indulged in a little football game over the weekend that resulted in most of the wives applying liniment it true boys, that Jack Jarvis can use a new watch for Christmas?


    May 14, 1958 - WORLD PROBLEMS MORE CRUCIAL THAN REACHING MOON SAY RIBICOFF: How man will solve the problems of a place like Little Rock, the problem of man living in peace with man, is more important than whether man will reach the moon, Governor told the audience of more than 200 last night at a dinner for 32 high school graduates, sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club of Stratford. The Governor told the audience which included town officials, parents of Lordship high school graduates, PTA members, Fathers Club members and residents of the town at the dinner in Our Lady of Peace hall in Lordship. "I think the events of the next 30 or 40 years will decide the fate of the world and I believe the decision will be for God and for lasting peace. Seated at the speakers table were Town Manager Harry Flood; Councilman Frederick Biebel Jr.; Superintendent of Schools Edwin Cox; high school principal Donald Fowler; James Halsey, president of the University of Bridgeport; Stratford Board of Education member Milton Holcomb; Burt St. Claire, president of the Lordship Fathers club; the Rev. John Cavanaugh, pastor of Our Lady of Peace church; Mrs. Helen Barnish, principal of Great Neck School; Mrs. Emma Cowles, principal of Lordship School and Mrs. Hazel Bixby, Lordship PTA president. In his talk, which he said was directed "to you boys and girls although your parents can listen if they want to." The Governor recalled his school days in New Britain and of the jobs he had "after school hours." Speaking of the "boys and girls who had to break all the rules and the tough guys and bullies," of his school days, he commented "of all the boys and girls in my school days who had to break all of the rules, and who had to show off as tough guys and bullies, not one of them ever amounted to anything." Lauding the Lordship Fathers club for sponsoring the dinner honoring the children of the district who will be graduated in June from various private and public high schools in the area, the Governor said: "I could only wish that this example of the Lordship people would spread, not only throughout your town, the state and the nation, but throughout the world. Where you have family love such as this, family respect and community unity, you will find it is not good ground for juvenile delinquency." To the young graduates seated at tables in front of him the Governor said: "you boys and girls have a wonderful and interesting future ahead. Where it will lead, no man can say just now. You will find life challenging as well as interesting. "We hear much these days of space and the importance of man reaching the moon. These things are important but I say to you that it is more important to know how man will solve the problem of a place like Little Rock, the problem of man living in peace with man. Let what is happening here tonight, this dinner, this expression of brotherhood and affection in your community be a shining example of what can be done." The Governor was escorted into the hall by four members of the Governor's Foot Guard, Captain Louis B. Hardy, Captain Richard T. Fraher, Captain W. Gerald Lineburgh and Captain August Salvaggio. Irvine M. Schofield was toastmaster. The graduates honored are: Patricia Ambrose, Raymond Bardinelli, Kathleen Barry, Joseph Castaldo, Marc Conway, Rodney Corbett, Alan Curtis, Barbara DeCava, Carol Dunn, Peter Fagan, Moika Franz, Robert George, Natalia Glowalsky, Nicholas Glowatsky, Jr., Sean Gorman, Walter Henderson, Theodore Johnson, Diane Ludwig, Fred Menosky, Paul Miller, Barbara Muschick, Susan Osman, Paulette Pjura, William Pivarnik, Michael Pond, Judith Rivers, George Schilling, Joel Siskovic, James St. Arnaud, Andrew Terwilleger, James Troy and Gary Weller.

    March 26, 1959: LORDSHIP CLUB LISTS EGG HUNT SATURDAY MORN: Close to 600 youngsters will beat the bushes Saturday morning in the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club. The scene will be the field at the foot of Lordship Road. The egg hunters will gather at 10:30 am in Lordship School to watch a free movie. From there the safari will march to the hunt grounds. The hunt is open to all grammar school pupils and preschool youngsters living in Lordship. There will be prizes for every egg finder and a favor for every hunter. Orton Pengue is chairman of the egg committee. Assisting him are Joseph Kiely, Henry Halverson, Jack Jarvis, Edward Kiely and Carl Delorenzo.

    September 24, 1959: LFC BLOOD BANK: Make an appointment to give a pint of blood October 1 during the Lordship Fathers Club blood bank at Our Lady of Peace Hall. All collections go to the Hemophilia Foundation, a truly worthwhile cause. Hats off to the Lordship dads for the effort, first time a bank has been sponsored by such an organization.

    July 2, 1959: LORDSHIP CONTESTS BRING COMPETITION: The 1959 Lordship Olympics are history now and the names of Eddie Genga and Kathy Logan are recorded as trophy winners. Their performances in multiple events in the games earned them awards as the outstanding athletes of grades five and six. Kathy won the 50 yard dash and the 100 yard dash and finished first with Peggy Kellers in the two girl relay. She also finished second behind Ruth May in the 25 yard dash. Eddie captured his laurels by winning the 50 yard dash, the 100 yard dash and teaming with Mark Valentine to win the two boy relay. He failed to place in the contest for accurate ball throwing, which was won by Garry Spear. A special feature of the day was the womens relay race which was won by the team of Mrs. Fred Shanahan and Mrs. Charles Weidman. The competition was keen in the Kindergarten events. Lucy Ackley and Bruce Slaff won the 30 yard dashes. Lucy combined with Kathy Collier to win the 30 yard dash for girls holding hands. The similar event for boys was captured by Tom Heiden and Bill Weidman. Ann Swaller triumphed in the open 20 yard hopping race. First and second grade events were just as hard fought with Sheila Kelleher and Richard Ayles capturing the 50 yard dashes. In the two boy race, Dennis McCoart and Neil Deidrickson teamed up to take first place. Sheila Kelleher and Margaret DiMartino combined to win the two girl relay. Deborah Smith and Steve Kirby won the relay race for boy and girl teams. Tom Cooney was the only double winner among the boys in the third and fourth grade events. Tom won both the 25 yard dash and the 50 yard dash. The 100 yard dash was captured by Bill Rooney and the 25 yard dash-up-and-back went to Joe Brighindi. Among the girls in the third and fourth grades, Peggy May was outstanding winning three events. Peggy placed first in the 25 yard dash, the 50 yard dash and the 25 yard dash-up-and-back. In the relay race for boy-and-girl teams, Susanne Hebert and Harry Clark combined to win the event.

    November 12, 1959: THE LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB SHOW: The Lordship Fathers Club will present its annual Minstrel Show on Friday, November 13 at 7:30 pm in Our Lady of Peace Church Hall and on Saturday November 14 at 8:30 pm in the Johnson Junior High School auditorium. Stan Heiden is general chairman of the affair. Les Hoffman is director and Barbara Holt is musical director. Other committeemen include Burt St. Clair, program; Henry Halverson, publicity; Tom Bunting, tickets; Jack Bixby and Bob McCorkle, staging; Nick Giarniero and Joe Janson, door; Lordship-Great Neck PTA, boosters. The cast includes Warren Ernst, interlocutor; Irv Schofield, Les Hoffman, Stan Heiden and Myles Gerrity, end men; Fred McKenna and his 1927 Collegians will provide music for the show. Band includes John Scofield, Harry Tomblin, Duke Pollock. Chorus: Bill Stott, Jack Bixby, Bob Stone, Al Markis, Dick Kelley, Dave Fisher, Joe Kiely, Larry Ackley, Fred Shanahan, Bill Rabineau, Jim Tyrell, Tom Keating, Bob McCorkle, Erwin Rubenstein, Vince Massey, Don Neuberger, Burt St. Clair, Vic Swaller, Frank Fasanella, Hugo Liscio, Jack Jarvis, Marty Tristine, Bill Pancak, Ort Pengue, Bob Dempsey, Joe Holt, Tom Bunting and Ed Kiely.

    May 21, 1960 - ELLA GRASSO WILL SPEAK AT LORDSHIP STUDENT DINNER: Secretary of State Mrs. Ella Grasso will be the speaker at the high school graduates dinner sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club Thursday at 6:30 p.m., in the hall of Our Lady of Peace Church, Lordship. The dinner is given annually by the Fathers Club for all children of the Lordship district who will be graduated from high schools in June. Tickets for the affair may be obtained from members of the Fathers Club. A special program of entertainment is planned to follow the speaking program.

    November 21, 1960 - LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB TO SPONSOR BLOODMOBILE: Unit to Visit Our Lady of Peace Church on Nov. 30 - The Lordship Fathers club which sponsored a successful visit of the mobile blood unit last year, has completed plans for another visit to the Lordship area on Nov. 30. The unit will be at the auditorium of Our Lady of Peace church on that date from 12:45 to 5:30 p.m., according to Lawrence Ackley of Furze and Ackley, chairman of the program. A telephone squad has been organized with Stanley Heiden of the Heiden Insurance Agency in charge. The chairmen report that volunteer pledges are running ahead of last year from members of the Fathers club. It is anticipated that many of the housewives in the Lordship area will volunteer. Anyone wishing to give blood on Nov. 30 is asked to call a member of the Lordship Fathers club or the Red Cross chapter house.

    April 12, 1962: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB ELECT NEW BOARD: Henry Halverson III, an engineering supervisor at Sikorsky Aircraft in the newly elected president of the Lordship Fathers Club. Other officers elected include vice presidents Joseph Kiely and Fred Shanahan, secretaries David Burns and Frank Fassanella and treasurer Charles Caron.

    November 29, 1962- The biggest social event of the season and only fund-raising project for the Lordship Fathers Club was last weeks Variety Show. In the jam packed auditorium of Johnson Junior High School was practically all of Lordship, including the Beeman families, the Merle Evans, Charles Woessners, Bill Finns, Carl DeLorenzos, Nicholas Glads, Victor Swallers, Verne Bates, Earl Richardsons, Nikita Offenbergs, Palmer Eplers and just about every child from 5 and up. For the first time, wives of participating members were included in the cast.

    November 29, 1962- LFC BLOOD BANK: 126 pints of blood were donated by local residents who appeared at the mobile blood bank last Monday in the Lordship Community Church. Don Powers, chairman of the blood bank committee, extends thanks to those who donated their time. These included Stan Heiden, Joe Kiely, Jackie Powers, Mary Shannahan, Chuck Caron, Lyn McCorkle, Dee Ernst and Henry Halverson. Irvine Schofield became a seven gallon donor; Harold Logan became a three gallon donor and Hezekiah Johnson donated his 73rd pint of blood, most given by a single donor in town. The LFC had 60 donors in 1960 and 129 donors in 1961.

    February 6, 1964: BEGGED, BORROWED BUT MOSTLY STOLEN: Wow! Do we have some very talented people in Lordship! And the men will agree some real beauties! All these were very well displayed during the two performances of Begged, Borrowed, but Mostly Stolen presented by the Lordship Fathers Club last Friday and Saturday evenings in Johnson Junior High School auditorium. Ordinarily the auditorium seems like a huge, vast, spacious area, but it was filled to overflowing both evenings. The undebated star of the show was Mrs. Helen Cibulsky who had the audience rolling in the aisles. It was hard to decide which of her songs was best, The First Lady or There Once Was A Man which she dueted with Burt St. Clair. Another highlight of the performance was the Vagabond Sailor with John Keating and featuring Johns Girls, Ellen Tristine, Phyllis Beattie, Cynthia Mather, Barbara Thomas, Ruth Buynovsky and Barbara Kiely. They were as lovely as any photographers models could be - - the girls, not John. Solos by Barbara Thomas, Cynthia Mather, Ellen Tristine and others added to the success of the show as was the medley of folk songs by Chad and Gail Osborne, who came from New Haven for the event. Gail is the former Gail Ohlin of Curtis Avenue. This was the first year that the annual variety show presented by the Fathers Club was on for two performances at Johnson and from the looks of the capacity crowds at both and from the many, many favorable remarks heard by this reporter at least two will be necessary next year. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of the show for a job well done.

    October 29, 1964 - The Lordship Fathers Club show rehearsals are held each Friday at 8:30 at the Lordship Community Church. Boy Scout Troop 7, sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club will hold their charter presentation and court of honor at 7:30 pm tomorrow night at the Lordship School. Awards of Life Scout will be presented to Bob McCorkle and Dave Rackiewiez. Other awards will go to Tim Kelleher, Star Scout; Allen Pike, Chris Weidman, Kevin Fagan and Mark Graham, First Class; David Stearns, Bill Weidman, Richard Theriault, Dave Cavanaugh, Francis Gibbons, Richard Jones and Craig Dolyak, Second Class. Merit badges have been earned by Mark Graham, Tim Kelleher, Bob McCorkle, Ed Michaud, Allen Pike, Dave Rackiewiez and Rick Shananhan. Guests will include Chief Cota, Pomperaug Council Scout Executive; Bud Philips, Oronoque District Scout Executive; Joe Clark, Camp Pomperaug Program Director and also Howard Beeman, John Westmoreland, Larry Ackley, Dan McCoart, Roland Benjamin, Ted Theriault, Bill Duda and Jim Papp. The Scoutmaster is Robert McCorkle with Dave Fisher, assistant. The troop committee consists of Henry Halverson, Bob Reed, Joe Kiely, Andy Dolyak, Ivan OBrien and Fred Shanahan.

    November 2, 1964: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB SPONSORS VISIT: The Lordship Fathers Club under the general chairmanship of Irvine Schofield made available 118 pints of blood at the bloodmobile visit they sponsored November 15 at the Lordship Community Church. Mrs. Marilyn McCorkle served as Officer of the Day at this visit which the Fathers Club sponsors annually. She was assisted by 40 Red Cross volunteers who gave a total of 210 hours throughout the day. Doctors Katherine Nolan and Andrew Owens were volunteer physicians.

    February 3, 1966: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB VARIETY SHOW A BIG HIT: Finally made it to the Lordship Fathers Club Variety show on Friday night. These are pretty professional amateurs. The program itself, printed on slick paper, filled with ads (someone did an excellent sales job), with a valentineish cover designed by Bud Cable was pretty big city. It was a colorful show with lively backdrops and costumes in sprightly colors. Nothing is harder to put across than unknown songs and Will Love Find Little Mary was filled with songs not to be found in Good Old Favorites or Popular New Tunes. But from Plant a Radish to Small Talk, all were well rendered and a logical addition to the show. Little Mary, portrayed by Cynthia Mather as a heroine should be played had all the little girls in the audience sighing Oh I like her. By far the best voice in the show was that of Joe Sullivan. Real harmony and entertaining showmanship was added to the evening by the barbershop quartet, The Soundsmen; Bill Stott, Hank Yazdzik, Jack Macgregor and Al Costello. Five of the cast, Burt St. Clair, Dick Zwicharowski, Horst Berkner, Jim Tyrrell and John OHare sand a medley of songs for the shower while they lathered up in shower stalls on stage. The giggles that act brought were rivaled only be the four prettiest, Joe Pengue, Lou Prokop, Dave Burns and John OHare when they sang I Feel Pretty. Lillian Steele kept the show moving smoothly then turned on the glamour for Hernandos Hideaway. Joyce Burns and Jack Duggan stepped out in an excellent version of Me and My Shadow. If you have never been to one of the Fathers Club shows once you have seen one you will not want to miss another. And if you are a bit of a ham or if you like to sing, you may want to join up next year for the group makes it look like fun.

    June 6, 1966: LORDSHIP NOTES: The Lordship Fathers Club has announced the winners of their first Essay Contest held in May. First prizes were awarded to sixth grader Michael Taylor who attends Great Neck School and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor of Ryegate Terrace, fifth grade winner was Jill Guckert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Guckert of Riverdale Drive. Jill also attends Great Neck School. Fourth grade first prize winner was Janice Phillips daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cortwright Phillips of Margherita Lawn who attends Our Lady of Peace School. Second prizes were awarded to essayists: Jacqueline Wahly, sixth grader at Great Neck School; Luanne Sorrentino fifth grader at Great Neck; and Susan McGrath fourth grader at Lordship School. First prize winner Michael Taylor also won the Lordship Fathers Clubs Spelling Bee contest last week and the spelling bee championship of 1965 was won by his sister Gail Taylor. The wreath placed at Memorial Green in Lordship Center on Memorial Day was placed there by two past Captains of the Lordship Volunteer Fire Company No. 3, Fred Donaldson and Fred Biebel, Sr. Mrs. Arthur Gustafson of the Lordship Gardeners planted the geraniums and place the flags at the memorial site.

    July 28, 1966: LORDSHIP SINGERS: The Sweet n Syrupy Singers of Lordship were one of the groups entertaining last Sunday on the Huntington Green at that Towns concert Music on the Green. The Lordship group headed by Stan Heiden, sings folk, Broadway, college and novelty songs and has been in existence for two years, formed from the Lordship Fathers Club variety show. Members are Barbara Zelich, Janice Weidman, Hedy Shokite, Phyllis Beattie, Tom Marranzino, John Straton, Dick Shokite, Carl Zelich, Burt St. Clair and Stan Heiden. Tom Marranzino and Barbara Zelich provide guitar and piano accompaniment. The group is looking for a woman guitar or banjo player who also sings and would be interested in joining them. According to Stan Heiden, the average age of the group is 38 and it is a guess as the women will not give their honest ages. Anyone interested in joining the group should contact Mr. Heiden. All Lordship should tune in to WICC on Monday evening August 1 when the Sweet n Syrupy Singers may be heard on WICCs Talent Showcase.


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    February 16, 1967 - LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB SENDS LETTER OF INTEREST TO RESIDENTS: Members and money are the two main thoughts expressed in a letter to be sent in the near future to all residents residing in the Lordship area. The letter composed by members of the Lordship Fathers Club answers concisely the questions of why you should join and support such an organization. Pride in your community, children and schools is the answer. The Fathers Club is particularly proud of its long record of accomplishment such as their annual Easter Egg hunt sponsored for the last 19 years; the over $7,000 donated to schools in the form of cash, raincoats, projectors, tape recorders and various teaching aides chosen by school principals; sponsors of Boy Scout Troop 77, annual Halloween parties and many more. The Fathers Club also plans to sponsor this year 14 events of particular interest to Lordship children and adults. The Lordship Fathers Club needs new members to suggest and support new ideas. The Club also needs money to keep present programs alive and interesting.

    October 12, 1967: ANNUAL LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB PICNIC: Autumn weather in Lordship not only brings Indian Summer with warm days and cold nights, but also ushers in a busy season for many clubs and organizations. The Lordship Fathers Club started out the month of October with a family picnic held at Booth Memorial Park. Past presidents of the Fathers Club, their wives and families who enjoyed the all day refreshments were: Stan and Fran Heiden of Second Avenue; Hank and Gen Halverson of Walnut Street; Ed and Barbara Keily of Margherita Lawn; Burt and Eckie St. Clair of Curtis Avenue and Larry and Lenore Ackley of Lighthouse Avenue. Relay races and three legged races for the boys and girls were part of the entertainment with prizes given for first and second place. The highlight of the day was the egg throwing contest for both parents and children. The lucky winners of this event were Victor Swaller and his son Brien of Hartland Street. After all this excitement everybody felt a good rest was in order. Most of the mothers and daughters played bingo while the fathers with their sons watched the Red Sox secure their grip on the American League championship on a portable television. Other families having a good time were this years president Fred Shanahan and his wife Mary of Victoria Lawn; Chuck and Jan Caron of Stratford Road; John and Birdie Keating of Fourth Avenue; John and Kay OHare of Margherita Lawn; Andy and Pauline Dolyak of Oak Bluff Avenue; Walt and June Cullen of First Avenue; Vic and Arlene Swaller of Hartland Street; Dick and Heddy Shokite of Ash Street; Don and Wilma Flaherty of Fourth Avenue; Walter and Thelma Robinson of Walnut Street and many other old and new members of the Lordship Fathers Club.

    March 28, 1968: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB CELEBRATE 20TH ANNIVERSARY: The Lordship Fathers Club celebrated their 20th anniversary recently at the Raven Inn with a dinner dance honoring their past presidents. Edward Kiely of Margherita Lawn reports the entire evening was one of delight. He said the festivities started with a cocktail hour on the lower terrace followed by dinner in the main dining room. The dinner put everybody in just the right mood for dancing to the marvelous music of the Varia-Tones he said. The highlight of the evening was a salute to the past presidents which included a reminiscence by Marty Tristine of First Avenue, about the first event sponsored by the club which was called The Famous Pancake Fiasco. The presidents attending were Marty Tristine, first president of the club, Bill Rabineau of Maple Street, Stan Heiden of Second Avenue, Jack Jarvis of Margherita Lawn, Burt St. Clair of Curtis Avenue, Tom Bunting of Spruce Street, Henry Halverson of Walnut Street, Ed Kiely, Larry Ackley of Lighthouse Avenue and this years president Fred Shanahan of Victoria Lawn. Mr. Kiely said recognition was given to those presidents unable to attend, namely: Harry Lyons of Victoria Lawn, Carl Valentine of Fourth Avenue, Jim Ketcham of Lordship Road, Myles Gerrity of Spruce Street and Warren Ernst who is now living in Denver Colorado. The excitement of the evening was so great the party continued into the early morning hours at the homes of Henry Halverson, Bill McDonald and Gus Luisi.

    February 21, 1970 - Lordship Fathers Begin Membership Drive: The annual membership drive of the Lordship Fathers club is in progress, in conjunction with a booster campaign for the club's annual variety show. Charles Caron, president, said the goal of the club is to "make Lordship a better community in which to live, including providing more recreational activities and leadership for children and to carry on the various projects which we have sponsored for more than 22 years." During its years of service the Fathers Club has disbursed more than $20,000 in aid funds and has contributed more than $7,000 worth of raincoats, projectors, tape recorders, phonographs, teaching aids and other supplies to the three schools in the district. Other events sponsored by the group include the annual Easter Egg hunts, chest X-ray visitations, Red Cross blood banks, contributions to the retarded children in training program in the town's schools and a variety of athletic events for children. The group sponsors an annual variety show as its main fund-raising events to continue its projects and services. Details and dates of this year's show will be announced. Application forms distributed throughout the community may be returned to the Community Pharmacy, Lordship Barber Shop or Lordship Cleaners, all in the Lordship business area, or may be turned over to club representatives today or tomorrow. All men of Lordship are invited to attend the club's meetings, on the first Wednesday of each month, at 8:30 p.m. in the Lordship Volunteer Fire company hall, Washington Parkway.


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    October 15, 1970 - BLOODMOBILE IN LORDSHIP: The Lordship Fathers Club will sponsor their 11th annual bloodmobile visit on Monday October 19 between the hours of 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm according to an announcement by Irvine Schofield who is in charge of the visit. Mr. Schofield stated that this visit will be held at Our Lady of Peace Church Hall this year. He has organized a telephone committee which is calling previous blood donors of Lordship Fathers Club visits and other individuals as well as small industries and businesses in town. Mr. Schofield reports that as usual U.S. Baird Company has been the first to respond to the appeal with a pledge of 25 donors. Mr. Schofield is one of the largest blood donors in Stratford. He will be giving his 98th pint at the visit in Lordship. He was chairman of the Fathers Club visits in 1964 and 1965, both of which times the club exceeded its quota. In behalf of the Lordship Fathers Club, Mr. Schofield is issuing an appeal to anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 and in good health to give a pint of blood on Monday October 19 at Our Lady of Peace Church Hall in Lordship. Note: a total of 128 pints of blood were collected at the LFC bloodbank.

    November 18, 1971 - LORDSHIP BLOODMOBILE VISIT NETS 124 PINTS: A total of 124 pints of blood were collected at the bloodmobile visit sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club on Friday, November 12 according to an announcement by Irvine Schofield who was in charge of the visit. He said that his telephone committee recruited 174 people to give blood. Forty five donors did not appear, five were temporarily deferred due to colds and other minor illness resulting in 124 pints donated. U.S. Baird Company sent 23; Dresser Industries sent 13 and Diamond Shamrock Company a total of ten blood donors. Other donors came from various small industries, businesses and schools as well as housewives and students along with the members of the Lordship Fathers Club. Stan Heiden received his 5 gallon pin as did Don Wolter. Three gallon pins were awarded to Joe Minaudo and Russ Venables. Al Schwartz received his 2 gallon pin. Those receiving their one gallon pins were Ernie Anderson, Ken Hayes, Marjorie Costello and Harry Hill. Frank DeLuca, Blood Program Chairman of the Stratford Red Cross stated that this is the fourth successful bloodmobile visit which Mr. Schofield has headed for the Lordship Fathers Club and it is the 11th annual visit sponsored by the club. Joseph Molloy served as Officer of the Day. Preliminary arrangements for staffing the visit were under the direction of Eleanor Greenwood, Chairman of Volunteers for the Stratford Chapter. These five people were first time blood donors at the bloodmobile visit: Jerry Mack, Joyce Sammis, Sally Martin, James DeLorenzo and Patricia Tristine.

    December 7, 1972 - LORDSHIP BLOODMOBILE VISIT NETS 71 PINTS IN OUR LADY OF PEACE DRIVE: A successful bloodmobile visit was held at Our Lady of Peace Hall in Lordship on Saturday, December 2 according to an announcement by Frank DeLuca, Blood Program Chairman of the Stratford Red Cross. This visit which was sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club was the first visit to be held on a Saturday. It produced 71 pints of blood. Irvine Schofield chairman of the visit said that the telephone committee under the direction of Mrs. Irvine Schofield had recruited 111 people to donate blood; 37 did not appear and there were 3 donors temporarily deferred due to colds and other minor illness making a total of 71 pints donated. Members of the Explorer Post No. 77 under the leadership of Frances Malafronte and William Wonneberger assisted the Red Cross volunteers in staffing this visit throughout the day. Andrew Dolyak, President of the Lordship Fathers Club stated that this is the fifth successful bloodmobile visit which Mr. Schofield has organized for the Lordship Fathers Club and it is the 12th annual visit sponsored by the club. Colonel Arthur Cox, Chapter Chairman of the Stratford Red Cross, wishes to extend the thanks of the Chapter to those good people who gave up part of their weekend on Saturday to come in and donate a pint of blood and to the many volunteers who gave many hours on Saturday to make this the successful bloodmobile visit that it was.

    March 28, 1974: LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB SONGS FOR ALL SEASONS: The Lordship Fathers Club will present their 26th annual musical variety show entitled Songs for all Seasons on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:15 at Johnson Jr. High School. The production under the direction of George Wood for the second straight year and assisted by Bill Gatzmer will spotlight popular Broadway and Hollywood hits as well as numerous dance numbers. Bill Gatzmer, John Rome, Fred Trumbull, Ed McNichol, Luce Eldracher, Aisha Abramowitz, Burt St. Clair, Dick Zwicharowski, Clem Naples, Karen Capoziello, Helen Asanoff, Loraine Zwicharowski, Cindy Mustaka, Irene Palazzo will sing songs in the show while John Keating and Florentine Heel, Aisha Abramowitz and Bill Gatzmer, Clem and Joan Naples, Loraine and Dick Zwicharowski will sing duets. Don Fagan is general chairman in charge of arrangements with Dick Zwicharowski handling ticket sales. Stage, scenery and lighting is under the direction of Andy Dolyak while Jan Fagan and Thelma Robinson are making costumes. The musical accompanianists are under the direction of Barbara Zelich at the piano with John Stevens on drums, Peter Kopchik on the saxophone and Peter Gurrieri on the guitar. There will also be banjo selections by Jon Meyers. Vinny and Anna Buehler are working on the program book while Rudy Listorti is chairman of the booster and membership drive. The cast of 50 strong includes several members of the Fathers Club and their wives.

    December 12, 1974 - LORDSHIP BLOODMOBILE VISIT NETS 94 PINTS IN OUR LADY OF PEACE DRIVE: : A successful bloodmobile visit was held at Our Lady of Peace Hall in Lordship on Friday, December 6 according to an announcement by Frank DeLuca, Blood Program Chairman of the Stratford Red Cross. This visit which was the fifteenth annual visit sponsored by the Lordship Fathers Club. It produced 94 pints of blood, 19 over their quota. Irvine Schofield chairman of the visit said that Mrs. Schofield had recruited 134 people to donate blood; 32 did not appear; there were 2 walk in donors and there 10 donors temporarily deferred due to colds and other minor illness making a total of 94 pints donated. There were six first time donors: Judith McGar, Mary Clune, Jackie Bruno, Kim Dolyak, Janet Graham and Dennis Misiura. Pins were awarded as follows: six gallon to Stan Heiden; five gallon to Edward Pochy; four gallon to Bill Vars Jr. and one gallon to Charles Hine. Members of the Explorer Post No. 77 under the leadership of William Wonneberger assisted the Red Cross volunteers in staffing this visit after school from 2:30 until 7:00 pm. Don Fagan, President of the Lordship Fathers Club stated that this is the seventh successful bloodmobile visit which Mr. Schofield has organized for the Lordship Fathers Club and it is the 14th annual visit sponsored by the club. Ella Bradbury served as Officer of the Day, Frances DeCarlo was in charge of the Red Cross Canteen which served sandwiches and coffee to the blood donors. Josephine Toochi recruited the volunteer Registered Nurses, Ella Bradbury the typists and Helen Brown the file clerks. Mildred Botsford recruited the volunteers who provided Red Cross motor service throughout the day. Dorothy Cox staffed the registration desk and Catherine Lundgren staffed the visit with Gray Ladies. Doris McKee was in charge of recruiting blood donor aides and nurses aides for the visit. Sue Dunford recruited the volunteers who worked in the Canteen and at the juice table.


    LFC 1975 rehearsal


    LFC 1975 rehearsal


    LFC fundraiser


    LFC rehearse


    Spelling Bee 76


    Olympics 1977

    February 20, 1975 - LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB PLANNING VARIETY SHOW: The Lordship Fathers Club is planning now for its 1975 Variety Show. Thirty-four members met this past week to discuss the 1975 show which will be April 4 and 5 at Johnson Junior High. The Booster & Membership drive for 1975 will start this week thru March 2nd. Chairman Tom Murphy reported that he was a committee of 22 members to pass out and collect the envelope for this project. Anyone not home can return the envelope to Tom Murphy 236 Lordship Road. All monies collected will help the Fathers Club to continue their efforts to further projects for the children in the community. This is the 27th year of continued support to these programs. Anyone who is interested and would like to join in this effort may contact Vincent Buehler, General Show Chairman at 456 Prospect Drive. The ad campaign which will support the Program Booster Journal is now in progress and going well according to the LFC. Anyone interested in placing a new ad in the 1975 Program may contact Pete Meyers at 16 West Hillside Avenue or Vincent Griffen at 115 Washington Parkway. Renewal of past ads will be handled by Annamarie Buehler & Julie Reinoehl. Director Stan Heiden, Advance sale tickets Chairman Dave Fischer, Music Director Karen Kiely, Choreography Jean Cody, Scenery Chairman Carl Zielick, Stage Chairman Jim Howe, Lighting Mark Bercian and Billy McGuire, audio Mitch Abramowitz, Program Books Don Fagan, Posters Arlene Thompson, after show party Chairman Gunar Wik and Publicity Vinnie Buehler. The show this year will involve 65 cast members and more than 40 crew members.

    May 29, 1975 - LORDSHIP FATHERS TO RETURN TICKETS: All raffle ticket captains for the Lordship Fathers Club will meet Friday May 30th from 7:30 to 9:30 at Lordship Community Church. Joe Fry, Howie Beeman and Jim Coppola, co-chairmen will contact the members on ticket returns. Saturday, May 31st is Harriet Auger Day. A rally will take place June 7th from 1 to 5 with the drawing at 5 pm. A Night at the Races will also take place June 7th starting at 8 pm at Our Lady of Peace Hall. Jim Wiltsie is chairman of the event. For tickets contact him, Don Fagan or Vinnie Buehler. The Olympics for kindergarten through sixth grade will be held on Saturday June 14th. Participants must be town residents and must register for the event. The clubs annual picnic will be on June 22nd at Booth Park. Ken Cibulsky and Bryant Shannon co-chairmen may be contacted for tickets.

    October 21, 1976 - LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB OLYMPICS ATTRACTS 246 BOYS AND GIRLS IN LORDSHIP: The Lordship Fathers Club held its annual Junior Olympics track and field meet on Saturday, October 15th at Lordship School field. Two hundred forty-six boys and girls from kindergarten to seventh grade competed. Co-chairmen coordinating the efforts of the 87 parents who made the event possible were Vincent Buehler and James Howe. Also helping out were: Harry Noyes, Walt Thompson and Glen Barber, registrations; Harry Noyes, publicity; and John Novak, Nancy Howe and Anna Buehler, chief scorers. Presenting the awards were Town Manager Bern Ewert and Lordship and Great Neck principal James Cashavelly. All around group winners included: Kindergarten: girls 1) Tracy Ropa, 2) Krei Albaugh, 3) Kristen Dykeman; boys 1) Vincent Griffen, 2) Jim Lenahan, 3) Neal Satram. First Grade: girls, 1) Patricia Rich, 2) Lynn Butkovsky, 3) Karen Luchun; boys, 1) John Buehler, 2) Fred Whelan, 3) Jay Vanderclock. Second Grade: girls, 1) Sue Donohue, 2) Kim Kuchta, 3) Judy Dobos; boys, 1) Chad Watt, 2) Chris Autuori, 3) Mike Pinto. Third Grade: girls, 1) Kristine Ropa, 2) Jacqueline Barber, 3) Kim Meyer; boys, 1) Steven Brighindi, 2) Curt Dubois, 3) Spencer Adams. Fourth Grade: girls, 1) Jacqueline Autuori, 2) Amy Howe, 3) Gigi Gainey; boys 1) Chuck Parsons, 2) Kelly Parker, 3) Greg Norris. Fifth Grade: girls, 1) Barbara Kiely, 2) Elizabeth Abed, 3) Jennifer Wise; boys, 1) Walter Knablien, 2) Mike Hawkins, 3) Andy Merritt. Sixth Grade: girls, 1) Stacy Connolly, 2) Lisa Rome, 3) Karen Luk; boys, 1) Wayne Barschow, 2) Bill Rabineau, 3) Mike Albert. Seventh Grade: girls, 1) Beverly Boyd, 2) Kim Watt, 3) Maria Eldracher; boys, 1) Tom Merritt, 2) John Kiely, 3) Glen Keane.

    February 10, 1977 - LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB COORDINATING BLOODMOBILE: Give Blood The Supply Is Critical In Connecticut; is the appeal being made by members of the Lordship Fathers Club as they recruit donors for the bloodmobile visit which they are sponsoring under the direction of Don Uphold and Don Powers. The bloodmobile visit will be held at Our Lady of Peace Church in Lordship on Friday, February 18th between 1 and 6 pm according to Frank DeLuca, Blood Program Chairman for the Stratford Red Cross. Uphold said that this is the 16th annual visit sponsored by the club and invites anyone between the ages of 17 and 66 in good health to give a pint of blood on February 18th. Seventeen year olds must have the signature of a parent or guardian on a permission form available at the Stratford Red Cross. Mr. Uphold added that his committee will call not only regular blood donors from among the townspeople but also small industries and businesses throughout Stratford. Bunnell High School under the direction of Miss Deana Tkacs, president of the Student Council and Miss Alice Dinihanian, president of the senior class and Stratford High School under the direction of Miss Holly Smith, president of the Student Council and Joseph Coppola president of the senior class, are both actively recruiting donors from among the 17 and 18 year old students. Blood donors are being recruited also from among members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Corps under the direction of William Kosturko. Officers of the Day are Mildred Botsford, Ella Bradbury and Dorothy Cox. Preliminary arrangements for the visit are being handled by Janet Bergmark, Chairman of Volunteers.

    April 26, 1978 - SHOW SET BY LORDSHIP FATHERS CLUB: We Gotta Get Goin, the Lordship Fathers Club annual variety show will be presented Friday May 5th and Saturday May 6th in Johnson Junior High at 8:15 pm. This years variety show will mark the 30th year of Fathers Club productions to raise money for its many activities for the children of the community. This years show directed by Jean Cody, focuses on the theme of travel. The audience will be taken to a tropical Fantasy Island and to Spain, France, Russia and the Middle East by way of musical numbers, skits and blackouts. The cast consisting of over 60 club members and additional performers from outside of Lordship has been rehearsing since January for the production. Tickets are now on sale for $2.50 for children and $3.00 for adults for Friday evening. All tickets for Saturday will be $3.00. Tickets may be purchased from any member of the cast or from ticket chairman Jean Baxter. There will also be tickets sold at the door on both nights.