THE LORDSHIP PARK ASSOCIATION: At the January Session of the General Assembly, 1895, a Special Act was passed, approved March 28, 1895, incorporating The Lordship Park Association of Bridgeport for the purpose of buying and selling and developing land in the south part of the town of Stratford. At the January Session, 1913, the charter of this company was amended by an Act approved May 7, 1913, authorizing said Association to construct and operate an electric railway, beginning at a point at the junction of Hollister and Stratford Avenues in the city of Bridgeport, thence in a general southerly direction along said Hollister Avenue to tide water, and beginning at a point at the junction of Logan Street and Stratford Avenue in the city of Bridgeport, thence in a general southerly direction along said Logan Street to tide water, thence along a proposed highway in said city of Bridgeport and in the town of Stratford known as Lordship Road to a proposed highway known as Sound View Avenue in Lordship Park, so-called, in said town of Stratford; thence in a general easterly direction along Sound View Avenue to Stratford Road; thence in a general northerly and easterly direction along Stratford Road to Main Street ; thence along Main Street in a general easterly direction to Stratford Avenue at Hard's Corner, so-called, in said town of Stratford. At the January Session of 1915, an extension of time was granted within which said company might construct its lines. By an act of the General Assembly passed at its 1917 Session, approved March 27, 1917 the time within which The Lordship Park Association may construct its lines of electric street railway was further continued until the rising of the General Assembly of the January Session 1919. At the same Session by an act approved May 16, 1917 The Lordship Railway Company was incorporated. By this act the company was authorized to locate, construct, maintain, and operate by electricity or other mechanical power a railway or tramway with single or double tracks and with suitable and necessary turnouts upon and along certain streets, highways and on private lands in the town of Bridgeport and Stratford, following practically the same route as was provided in the act of May 7, 1913. The act further gave the new company authority to acquire all the rights granted to The Lordship Park Association by an amendment to its charter approved May 7, 1913 upon terms satisfactory to said The Lordship Park Association and subject to the approval of the Public Utilities Commission as to the procedure in relation to the transfer of such rights and The Lordship Park Association was authorized to transfer the rights granted by said amendment to its charter to The Lordship Railway Company and upon the approval as aforesaid by the Public Utilities Commission, the rights conferred upon The Lordship Park Association by the amendment herein referred to should cease. At the 1919 Session of the General Assembly the time was extended within which the Lordship Park Association might construct its lines of street railway until the January Session, 1921. The company has an investment in road and equipment of 174,231.78. No special capital stock has been issued on account of its street railway department. The funded debt representing a portion of the investment in the street railway properties is 840,255.55, secured by mortgage on its properties, bearing interest at the rate of 6%. Its entire operating revenue was $11,367.64 all of which was passenger revenue. Its operating expenses amounted to $17,457.76, resulting in a loss from operations of $6,090.12. Interest charges and taxes amounted to $2,514.99 with these deductions there was a deficit for the year of $8,605.11. At December 31, 1917 the company on account of its railway operations showed a deficit of $13,003.96. With the loss for the year under consideration at December 31, 1918 there was a deficit of $21,609.07. The company carried 224,913 regular fare passengers, the average fare for all passengers being $.05. The company owns and operates 2.9 miles of single track extending from Hollister Avenue, Bridgeport, to Lordship Manor, Stratford, Conn.

September 30, 1895: BIG REAL ESTATE DEAL: There was completed today in Stratford a deal in real estate that adds to the property of the Lordship Park Association a tract of about 200 acres. This is the Borstleman farm which adjoins the former property of the Association and is bounded on the south by Long Island Sound and east by the Housatonic River. The price paid is not stated but it was a large figure.

June 14, 1908: TEN MILE ROAD RACE COURSE: Members of the Automobile Club of Bridgeport have been looking at the private ground owned by the Lordship Park Association, with the idea that an automobile road might be built where important automobile road races could be held. The Lordship Park tract is all marsh land and a road could be built up leaving a moat on each side. In this way the course would be effectively guarded as with a stream six or eight feet wide on each side of the road the crowd would effectively be kept off the course without the need of guards of any kind. A mammoth grandstand could be built on a natural elevation from which every mile of the course could be seen. In a 300 mile race spectators in the grandstand could comfortably watch all the cars in every part of the course, arousing greater interest than races at any track or on any road in the United States. It is believed that sufficient capital could be raised to undertake the project. Competitive events by fast automobiles would attract big crowds from all parts of New England and New York. It is estimated that such a road could be built for $50,000.

July 19, 1908: LORDSHIP SPEEDWAY: Estimates place the cost of the automobile speedway on the marshlands owned by the Lordship Park Association, planned by the members of the Bridgeport, Conn., Automobile Club at $50,000. It is proposed to the course by leaving a moat between it and filled in land for spectators.

December 29, 1921: SKATING IN LORDSHIP: The tennis courts at Lordship Manor have been flooded for ice skating. If the cold spell continues it is expected that the skating enthusiasts of the neighborhood will enjoy some fine skating on the courts during the next few weeks. The ice covered tennis courts make an excellent and safe rink. The idea of flooding a tennis court for use as a skating rink was inaugurated by the American Chain company which last year made an excellent ice skating rink out of its tennis court on Connecticut Avenue. A bank of clay is built up for a foot or so around the edge of the court and water pumped upon the court when the temperature is at the freezing point. The children of Lordship will be given a New Year's Eve treat at the new home of the Lordship Fire Company Inc. Saturday evening. From 7 to 9 pm a special program will be carried out for the entertainment of the youngsters. A party and dance will be held by the older folks from nine o'clock until midnight, when the New Year will be given a rousing welcome. Mrs. Frank Travis, principal of Lordship school, has charge of the children's entertainment.

March 21, 1926 - LORDSHIP LOTS PASS TITLE BY FORECLOSURE: One of the largest foreclosure judgments awarded in Superior Court in some time, was granted yesterday by Judge John W. Banks in favor of the Lordship Park Association, in the sum of $31,750.24 and against the Lordship Company. The judgment was entered by stipulation, and affects hundreds of lots in the Lordship section. Sale day was fixed for July 20. Suit was brought by the Lordship Association to recover on promissory notes.

Lordship Park Association 1939 Building Regulations:LPA 1939 Cottage Rules

June 23, 1948 - LORDSHIP PARK GROUP SEEKS SUBDIVISION OF BLUFFS AREA: The Lordship Park Association will seek approval of subdivision of lots in the Lordship bluffs area at a hearing of the Planning and Zoning board July 7 in the Council chambers in the Municipal building. The association owns the bluffs from York Street to the lighthouse and plans to divide the area into building lots. For many years townspeople have used the land as a parking area, free of charge. Also on the agenda for the meeting are petitions by John Byrnes for a change of zone from residence to business for establishing a restaurant at Beach Drive and Washington Parkway.

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