August 20, 1921 - AQUATIC MEET AT LORDSHIP BEACH: The Seaside Life Guards will stage an aquatic meet at Lordship Beach tomorrow afternoon. There are eight events on the program, four being listed for each sex. The men's events are: one mile swim, 100 yard swim, 50 yard swim and fancy diving contest. The women's events are the same with the exception of the mile where the 440 yard swim is substituted. A large number of stars from this city and surrounding towns are expected to compete. In the mile swim George Russell of the Myrtle Beach Life Saving Corps is expected to star. He won the state championship at Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago. Other entries in the mile are Rube Kownatzky of Seaside and Walter Patterson. John Fox and Hughie McDonald will battle for honors in the 100 and 50 yards swim. They are members of the Seaside club. Earle Lyon is favored to cop the fancy diving contest. The feature of the afternoon will be races in which Anna Baum and Grace Kemple will compete. Both are members of the Seaside club and are to swim in the 100 and 50 yard events. The first event will be started at 1:30.

August 12, 1923 - The senior national 200 yards championship for women will be held under the auspices of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps at Lordship Beach, Stratford, Connecticut Saturday, August 18. The following open events will be held at the same time: Women – Fancy diving from 10 foot platform, 100 yard handicap Amateur Athletic Union, 100 yard open A.A.U., 50 yard intercity for girls under 14 years, 50 yards closed L.S.S.A. novice, novelty race; 100 yard relay race open to all A.A.U. clubs, 100 yard open A.A.U. 50 yard for boys under 14 years, 100 yards L.S.S.A. novice; novelty race; greasy pole.

August 8, 1924 - FRED ROBINSON MAKES ANOTHER RECORD SWIM: Fred Robinson, the Lordship distance swimming star, added another record to his huge collection by swimming from Pleasure Beach to Lordship on Tuesday with his hands and feet tied. He covered about three miles and was forced to quit the water 500 feet from the Lordship pavilion after being seized with a cramp. It took him 2 hours and 45 minutes to cover the distance.

September 1, 1925 - LONG DISTANCE SWIM ON SUNDAY FROM LORDSHIP: Special Race to Take Place of Usual Water Sports: The Bridgeport Board of Recreation is planning a long-distance swimming race from Lordship to Pleasure Beach for next Sunday, in which Porter, Ed Button Jr. and Duberg will probably swim. Therefore, the usual events which have been taking place on Sunday afternoons at Lordship Beach, the sixth of which this series was held Sunday, will give way to this special race and will take place the following day Labor Day, when it is expected that the time and tide will favor a large number of events including diving. Sunday's races were all handicap races, Porter winning both men's events owing to the roughness of the water and the unfavorable tide, only three events were run off. Two more trophies have been presented this week and are on display with those already received at the pavilion. Besides the point trophy, which will go to the winner of most points for two consecutive seasons donated by the Lordship Park Association, the Nunnold-trophy, and the diving trophy presented by the management, Lamb and McDonough, the Lordship Improvement Association, this week, presented through its president Louis E. Nunnold, a swimming trophy. A trophy to be known as the Taburzi-trophy, given by AI Tiburzi was also received, to be awarded for swimming points. The local Interest manifested by the gifts of these various trophies has assisted the supervisors of these events in stimulating interest and competition among the many local entrants. Herman Lusebronk, known as Commodore of the Life-guard and Jack Pardoe are in charge of the season's series and have stated their appreciation of the local encouragement of water-sports, which has helped them to accomplish the scheduled programs so successfully.

August 28, 1925: LORDSHIP MEN IN CROSS HARBOR SWIM: All four of the Lordship entrants the cross-harbor swim, held at New Haven Wednesday afternoon, made good showings. Jack Porter finished third in the State Championship three-mile course, and Olive Phelan finished fourth. Edward Sutton. Jr., also made a good finish as did Helmuth Duberg, who came in tenth, his time being seventeen minutes better than that made in last year's swim. The sixth of the swimming events which are being held at Lordship Beach will be run off on Sunday afternoon. The Lordship Park Association has donated a large trophy cup to be awarded to highest trophy point winner for two consecutive years, thus making next year's winner its permanent holder. Two other cups, one for swimming, known as the Nunnold Trophy given by Louis Nunnold and one diving by the beach management, Luke Lamb and John McDonough, will be awarded at the end of this season, and two others not yet acquired, are expected to be included in the final prizes.

September 1, 1924 - LORDSHIP LOSES IN FINAL MATCH BUT WINS CUP: The point trophy contest between Lordship beach and Pleasure Beach was won by Lordship swimmers this afternoon, although they were defeated in the final contest by the score of 27 to 26. The score for the series of matches gave 88 points to Lordship and 74 points to Pleasure Beach. The winners in the various events were as follows:

Diving contest: E. Sutton first, Earl Lyons second and Norton - third. 200 yard relay race: won by the Lordship team composed of Jack Portor, Teddy Rawlinson, Hugh McDonald and Ralph Murburg. 50 yard boys race: Karboski - first, Bellacci second and Appleby - third. 50 yard girls race: May Rawlinson first, Olive Phalen second, and Jessie Larsen third. Quarter mile race: Robstock first, Ralph Murburg - second, and Helmuth Duberg third. Underwater swim: Earl Lyons - first. Brown - second and Hugh McDonald third

Walter Patterson - Lordship's World Class Swimmer

August 30, 1920 - TWO SWIM TO LORDSHIP FROM FAIRFIELD BEACH: For the third time this, season, Walter Patterson of this city, yesterday afternoon swam from, Fairfield Beach to Lordship Manor. Patterson left Fairfield Beach at 1:20 and reached lordship, eight miles away, at 4:40 p.m., continuing on to Stratford light, which he reached just an hour later. In an interview last night Patterson said it was merely a frolic and becoming a more or less frequent stunt among local life savers. N.M. McPhee, one of the members of the Seaside park life saving corps, also swam the same course successfully yesterday afternoon.

September 1, 1921 - PATTERSON SWIMS LONG ISLAND SOUND: Walter Patterson, local long distance swimmer, succeeded yesterday in his attempt to swim Long Island Sound from Port Jefferson to Lordship beach, a distance which is estimated to be about fifteen miles as the crow flies. Tide changes forced Patterson to swim a considerably longer distance. This feat has never been accomplished before, but swimmers have crossed Long Sound from New Haven to a point on Long Island. Patterson started to swim at 8.42 a.m., yesterday and reached Lordship at 7:3H5. He was in the water just 11 hours 7 1-2 minutes. The boat Tod accompanied him.

October 13, 1922 - WALTER PATTERSON ARRIVES HOME: Walter Patterson, Lordship swimmer who failed in his attempt to swim the English Channel, due to an attack of cramps, returned to Bridgeport Wednesday morning. Patterson was about town, greeting his friends yesterday and stated that he was confident that he can swim the channel under normal conditions. Patterson plans to make another attempt next season, but plans to start earlier in order to be in trim for the fall tides.

August 10, 1923 - PATTERSON ONLY PERSON TO SWIM SOUND REPEATS: Long Distance Swimmer Conquers Waters After Hard Struggle of 11 Hours and 30 Minutes. Starts from Lordship Beach and Touches Ground at Old Field Point Lighthouse in Good Condition: After a long battle of brains and brawn a man beat the waters of Long Island Sound yesterday in one of the hardest swims attempted by a human being. Walter Patterson, of Lordship, long distance swimmer, who is the only person to have swum across the Sound, accomplished that task again yesterday for the second time. Because of certain obstacles, which confronted the swimmer in his difficult task he was unable to better his time of nine hours and 55 minutes established in 1921 when he first swam the Sound. His time for yesterday's feat was 11 hours and 30 minutes. Patterson, who is a blacksmith, attempted to swim across the English Channel last year, but was forced to give up after a grueling battle. Although he failed to better his time yesterday, he displayed grit and stamina in fighting currents and heavy winds that twice carried him off his course. His well developed physique was one of his biggest assets in swimming the long distance. Among those who accompanied Patterson across the Sound in a motor launch were Captain M. A. Baum, Superintendent P. V. Gahan, of the Board of Recreation, Samuel Driver, former manager of Lou Bogash, and a long distance swimmer, and representatives of the Telegram. Contrary to expectations Patterson started his swim across the Sound from Lordship Beach instead of from the Long Island shore. When he first accomplished the task two years ago he started from Oldfield Point, L.I. and had decided to take the same course yesterday but was prevented by several delays. It was planned to leave from Long Island about 7 o'clock in the morning so that he could be favored by winds and tides at that hour. When he did start on his long swim it was from the Lordship side of the Sound at 8:51 o'clock. During the first five hours he made rapid time with an average of 32 strokes to the minute, with the water at about 70 degrees. At noon time he asked for his dinner and was fed by Captain Baum. His meal consisted of hot coffee, crackers, meat and candy. From Lordship to Middleground light a distance of six miles was covered by Patterson in six hours. Changing of the tide at the Middleground light at noon hindered the swimmer much as also did a north eastern wind which blew steadily against him while he was nearing his goal, Long Island shore. Patterson touched ground at a point a short distance from Old Field Point lighthouse just as darkness enveloped the Sound. The time of his arrival there was 8:21 p.m. Patterson appeared none the worse for his experience and when reaching the Long Island shore immediately dressed and joined the party of the journey home.


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The Lordship Meadows was a field on the old trolley line at about where Surf Avenue meets Lordship Boulevard. Technically it was not in Lordship.

August 1, 1925 - YOUNG EMMETS WILL HOLD ANNUAL OUTING TOMORROW: The second annual outing of the Young Emmet Gaelic Football club will be held at the Lordship Meadows tomorrow afternoon and will be featured by three sparkling athletic events. Two Gaelic and a hurling games will mark the program. The first game will bring together the Sligo team of New York and the Mitchells of New Haven. The Sligo team holds the Junior championship of New York while the Mitchells are the Connecticut titleholders. The second game will be between the Tipperary team, winners of the New York Senior League championship, and the Young Emmet eleven. The Tipperary combine will be led by Captain Billy Bennett, who has won several medals on All-Ireland teams. Cups will be given to each team. The hurling game will bring together teams of Hartford and Waterbury. Spectators from all parts of Connecticut and New York city are expected to witness the games. The Emmet team wound up its practice at Seaside Park Thursday night under the leadership of Captain Curley and expects to prove strong against the Gotham champions. The committee in charge of the affair follows: P. J Curley, chairman; W. J. Vaughn, J. Reynolds, D. McQueeney, J. Lavln, J. Phelan and W. Gushing.

August 6, 1923 - SKIRLIN' BAGPIPES: The Lordship Meadows are about as close as Bridgeport and vicinity come to the "great open spaces" and next Saturday a large number of plaided individuals are going out there to prove which of certain "men are men," and how much. The Clan Campbell, Scottish order of this city, has sent out a call to bag pipers throughout New England, to attend a state bag piping championship contest on that day and it is stated that "a set of officials, all Scotchmen will judge the tunes and their execution on the pipes and it is also announced that "at the same time the state championship at the Highland fling will be decided. It may be well that the officials are "all Scotchmen," for while many Connecticut folk have come to know the bagpipe's skirl and to enjoy it; they cannot be thrilled by it as the Scot alone can and it might be hard for anyone but a Scot to find distinction between the various pipers. This only goes to prove that a good deal of music lies in the ear of the listener. When the non-Scot listens to the pipes, he just hears them as pipes and frankly, as a musical instrument they're not much. But the Scot hears the breeze on Loch Lomond, the wind in the heather, the cries of the clansmen rallying to their chief, the sword dance in the village, the lament of the Jacobite refugee, the clamor of the patriots surging to arms. The chills run up and down the listener's spine and no wonder! This field day of the Clan Campbell is of significance in modern Connecticut. Connecticut is still Yankee, but not all Yankee. The clambake is a New England institution that must share attention among recreation seekers, as it has done during these summer months, with the saengerfests of the Germans of Connecticut, and with the folk games of the Czechs of this state, to say nothing of the pentathlon of the javelin-throwing' Swedes, which is to take place on Fairfield grounds a week or two hence, and the distinctively British soccer, which has come to be almost a major sport in Connecticut. Folks may be surprised at the large number of bag pipers who respond to the call to come to the Meadows, where there is plenty of room for the music to be dispersed.


August 25, 1954: LORDSHIP CHILDREN ARE WINNERS OF STRATFORD PLAYGROUND EVENT: The Lordship playground won the Stratford Town Championship with a point score at 256 during the annual tournament day program yesterday in Longbrook Park with more than 1,000 children participating. Stonybrook playground had the largest percentage of total registration present with Wood End second, followed by Singer Court, Hyde Park, Nichols, Birdseye, Longbrook, Lordship, Clover Field and Eli Whitney. In the baseball contest, the Midget All Stars defeated the Lordship Championship team, 2 to 1. The Birdseye Senior Champions defeated the Senior All-Stars 5-1 and the Junior All-Star team defeated the Lordship Championship team 9 to 4. Longbrook playground look first place in the doll show, with Lordship second and Nichols third. The girls kickball all star team defeated the Lordship girls championship team 5-0. Sandy Goddu of Lordship, won the Girls Senior Checker championship. Edward Finnegan of Lordship was awarded the junior horseshoe title. The Boys Midget checker champion is Thomas Penders, of Lordship. Lordship represented by Don Kaser, won the Boys Senior pentathlon. William Soldi of Lordship finished in second place in the Boys Junior pentathlon. Virginia Gorman of Lordship finished in second place in the Girls Senior pentathlon.

August 29, 1957: Congratulations to the instructors and children of the Lordship playground, who won the Stratford Recreation Department pennant with a total of 277 points. Lordship defeated the senior all-stars and the midget all-stars in baseball. William Penders took first place in the midget boys checker contest. Ed Finnegan won the senior boys horseshoe pitching event. Tom Penders and Robert Salerno won the boy?s junior doubles. The Pentathlon winner was Robert Murphy.


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August 21, 1957 - LORDSHIP WINS PLAYGROUND FLAG: Lordship Playground, with a total of 277 points, won the Stratford Recreation department Town championship pennant yesterday during Tournament day exercises at Longbrook Park. Town Manager Harry B. Flood made the presentation to the winners assisted by James Penders, recreation supervisor. More than 1,000 children participated in the day-long events. Birdseye play area, with 208 points, was in second place. Others included third place, Clover Field; fourth, Stonybrook; fifth, Nichols; sixth, Wood End; seventh, High park; eighth, Longbrook; ninth, Second Hill; tenth, Eli Whitney, and eleventh, Wooster. In the all-star games, Lordship defeated the senior all-stars in baseball; Longbrook defeated the Junior all-stars; Lordship won over the midget all-stars, and in girls base-kick ball, the All-stars defeated Nichols. The dodgeball tournament was won by the Nichols girls and in the checker tournaments the senior boys division was won by Brian Halpin, High Park. Robert Thurkettle, of Eli Whitney, won the boy's junior checker tournament, and William Penders, Lordship, took first place in the midget boys checker contest. Agerie Leaphart, Stonybrook, won the senior girls checker tournament; Lucia Dzubin, Clover ship, took first place in the midget girls contest and Rose Mary Hermann, Second Hill, won the midget girls checker contest. In the Lordship pitching events, the senior boys singles was won by Edward Finnegan, Lordship; Senior boys doubles, Richard Guzda and James Lunney; Birdseye; the boys junior singles, Chip Pudims, Longbrook, and the boys junior doubles, by Thomas Penders and Robert Salerno, Lordship. The Pentathlon winners were; boys seniors, Robert Murphy, Lordship; boys junior, Stephen Martinek, Second Hill; girls senior, Phyllis Langston, Wood End, and girls junior. Mary Bush, Stonybrook.

August 22, 1958: LORDSHIP YOUTHS TOP LONGBROOK FOR THE PLAYGROUND WORLD SERIES: The 1958 Playground Championship in Stratford is Lordship with a point score of 264. Don Robbins, Estelle St. Marie, Art Ricketts and Kathy Harry are the instructors of the winning playground. The second place playground was Longbrook with a score of 224. Third place went to High Park 190, fourth Nichols 180, Fifth Birdseye 170, sixth Woodend 168, seventh Stonybrook 163, eighth Clover Field 146, ninth Eli Whitney 142 and eleventh Second Hill Lane 134. In the all-star games, Lordship Midgets defeated the All-Stars 2-1. In the Dodgeball Tournament Lordship was tied for fifth. The costume parade was won by Lordship. Dave Rickette of Lordship came in second in the Boys Junior Checker division. The Midget Girls Checker division was won by Beth Stein of Lordship. The Midget Boys Checker Tournament was won by Bill Penders of Lordship. Jim Penders of Lordship came in second in the Senior Boys Checker division. Peggy Kellers of Lordship came in second in the Junior Girls Pentathlon. The Boys Senior Pentathlon was won by Dave Geer of Lordship.

August 25, 1959 - LORDSHIP FINISHES SECOND IN TOWN TOURNAMENT: With hundreds of cheering perspiring youngsters playing themselves into happy exuberance, the annual Tournament Day of the Town Sponsored Summer Playgrounds came to a climactic close this week at Longbrook Park. Team honors for the day were captured by the Longbrook Park contingent with 271 points to win the crown. Last years winner Lordship finished second with a total of 254 points. The day closed with presentation of awards by Town Manager Harry Flood and a bus trip back to the neighborhood playgrounds. But not until every youngster was thankful for the wonderful leadership and training he or she received from recreation supervisor James Penders (of Lordship) and his fine staff. Lordship won the Town Doll Show and the Costume Parade. Junior Boys Checkers was won by Billy Penders of Lordship. Girls Midget Checkers was won by Beth Stein of Lordship. Girls Junior Checkers was won by Carol Harding of Lordship. Girls Senior Checkers was won by Phyllis OBrien of Lordship. Tom Penders and Warren Harding of Lordship finished second in Senior Boys Doubles Horseshoes. Phyllis OBrien of Lordship finished fifth in the Girls Senior Pentathlon. Peg Kellers of Lordship finished fourth in the Girls Junior Pentathlon. Bob Cockfield of Lordship finished fourth in the Boys Junior Pentathlon.

August 22, 1962: LORDSHIP WINS PLAYGROUNG TOURNAMENT: Lordship playground won the Stratford Town championship during a tournament day program yesterday at Longbrook Park. The Lordship playground group scored 235.5 points to receive the championship banner from Town Manager Harold B. Flood after a day long program of events. The Birdseye school play area, 1961 town champions finished in third place with 202 points. Other point standings were: Longbrook, second 219.5: Nichols, fourth 196; High Park, fifth 195.5; Stonybrook, sixth 184.5; Second Hill, seventh 182.5; Garden, eighth 165; Clover Field, ninth 145.5. The Great Neck playground, tenth with 132.5 points; Meadowview, eleventh 117; Wooster, twelfth 108; and Eli Whitney, thirteenth 102.5. Final standings in the boys checker were, midgets, first place, Nichols, second place, Birdseye; juniors, first place Second Hill, second place High Park; seniors, first place, Nichols; second place, Longbrook. In the girls checker tournament the midget winner was High Park with Lordship second; juniors, Clover Field and Longbrook and seniors, Lordship and Birdseye. Pentathlon winners, senior girls, Peggy Kellers, Lordship; second, Louwanna Watts, Stonybrook; juniors, Dukie Watts, Stonybrook; second Christine Ripley, Great Neck; senior boys, Paul Harenstein, Longbrook and second Edward Genga, Lordship. Junior boys, Joe Bednar, High Park and second James Haynes, Meadowview. More than 1,200 children from the towns 13 playgrounds participated in the program under supervision of recreation director James Penders.


January 23, 1975 : TOWN RECREATION HOCKEY RESULTS: In street hockey action recently, Mill River defeated the Rangers 3-1 on goals by Greg Michaels. Tom Halverson scored for the Rangers.

February 6, 1975 : LORDSHIP RANGERS WIN: In senior division play the Nighthawks were downed by the Rangers. 2-1, with goals scored by Gregg Simon and William Green for the Rangers and Timothy Cullen for the Nighthawks.

February 20, 1975 : STREET HOCKEY RESULTS: Results in the Saturday morning Street Hockey League: Rangers 2 and Mill River 1. Ranger goals were scored in the first period by Paul Halverson and the third period by Tom Halverson. Mill Rivers goal was scored by Tom Laughlin. League standings: Senior Division: Rangers 4-1-1; Mill River 3-2-1; Night Hawks 0-4-0. Junior Division: Canadians 2-0-1; Flyers 1-1-1; Sabers 0-3-0.

April 10, 1975 : RANGERS TIE NIGHT HAWKS 3-3: Final action in the Stratford Recreation Street Hockey League saw the Rangers and Night Hawks play to a 3-3 tie. Ranger goals were scored by Tom Halverson who scored two and Peter Strong with one. Night Hawk goals were by Greg Nemergut, Bill McMellon and Richard Hainsworth. The Ranger tie gave Mill River the Senior Division championship. In the Junior Division the Flyers beat the Sabers 1-0 in a forfeited game. The Canadians won the Junior Division championship. Final standings: Senior Division: Mill River 5-2-1; Rangers 4-2-2; Night Hawks 1-6-1. Junior Division: Canadians 4-0-2; Flyers 3-1-2; Sabers 0-6-0.

March 17, 1976 - STREET HOCKEY LEAGUE RESULTS: In the Stratford Recreation Department Senior Division Street Hockey League, Mill River and the Lordship Rangers battled to a 2-2 tie. Greg Michaels and Tom Loughlin scored for Mill River. Ranger goals were by Bill Green and Paul Halverson. In the second game the Rangers beat the Nichols Lippers 2-1. Ranger goals were again by Bill Green and Paul Halverson with the game winning penalty shot. Ranger Goalie Jeff Green starred in both games. Nichols goal was scored by Alex LeGras. Mill River remains in first place in the senior division with the Rangers a game behind in second in the Senior Division.

December 27, 1976: STREET HOCKEY RESULTS: In the senior division, the Flyers, Lordship Rangers, and Nichols Lippers are tied for first place, each having 2-1-0 records, The Rangers outscored the Nichols Lippers 3 -2. Greg Simon scored twice for the Rangers.

March 9, 1977: RANGERS IN FIRST PLACE: In the Senior division, the Rangers stayed in first place, beating the Flyers 4-2. William Green scored twice and Paul Halverson and James Langlin once for the Rangers. The Nichols Lippers shut out the Flames 2-0, to remain in second place.


Lordship Rangers


Hockey league

March 13, 1977 - RANGERS REMAIN IN FIRST IN STREET HOCKEY LEAGUE: The Lordship Rangers remain in first place in the Senior Division by one point as they beat the Flyers 4 to 2. Bill Green scored twice and Paul Halverson and James Langlin once for the Rangers. Steve Avakian scored both goals for the Flyers. The Nichols Lippers shut out the Flames 3 to 0. This victory keeps them in second place.

The Lordship Rangers would win the Town Championship at the end of the season. Most of the team would not be eligible to play in 1978 due to age restrictions, but the team lasted one more season.


June 13, 1860: Mr. Fitzgerald living on the farm known as the Lordship in Stratford, killed three foxes at one shot a few days ago.

October 5, 1896: BIG GAME PRESERVE: Lighthouse Keeper Judson of the Stratford Light and some of his friends have a large game preserve at Stratford Neck which is to be made one of the best in the state. It is stocked with western quail and just at present shooting in that vicinity is reported excellent. The grounds have been posted and the special game preserve law is over the quail. A force of keepers are detailed to patrol the grounds with a view to prevent poachers. Several hunters have been seen prowling about the grounds, but as far as known no birds have been shot.


September 29, 1947 - NEWFIELD PINNERS START: The Newfield Bowling league gets underway tonight at 9 o'clock. Captains of the following teams are requested to report at the alleys at 8 o'clock to discuss final plans: Jacopian Cleaners, Manjoney's News Room, Marshella's Barber Shop, Jimmy's Market, Victory Market, LORDSHIP CLEANERS, Frank's Package Store, Battaglia's Tailors, Blue Jay A.A. and Tony's Garage.

April 16, 1948: MIDGET BOWLING TEAM WILL RECEIVE AWARDS AT BANQUET: The ten members of the midget bowling team of the Lordship Community Church, which won second place in the YMCA Inter-Church League will be feted at a banquet tonight during which they will receive individual awards in the Bridgeport YMCA. Team members are: David Burns, Donald Comlish, Anthony Malafronte, Charles Anderson, James McMellon, Russell Sherman, Spencer Downes, Alex Accardi, Robert Johnson and William Swift.

September 5, 1957: THE LORDSHIP WOMENS CLUB: The Lordship Womens Club will launch the bowling season Friday at the Devon Alleys. Jane Gerrity is in charge of the teams. Members are Helen Komski, Freda Canelli, Janet Bautz, Julie Giampetruzzi, Jane Kandro, Mae Cooney, Eccie St. Clair, Eileen Swaller, Emma Dlugos, Phyllis Liscio, Rita Curran, Peg Kelley, Charlotte Ripley, Alice Keating, Joan Stafferoni, Tillie Bunting, Edna Bruno and Dee Ernst. Substitutes are: Barbara Kiely, Mary Decker, Mary Williams, Gertude Fisher, Stella Pancak, Evelyn Markis and Carol Garthwaite.