July 3, 1915: BOY SOLDIERS WILL HAVE SHAM BATTLE AT LORDSHIP PARK: Members of the United States Boy Scouts and the United Boys Brigade of Bridgeport will try out their training in a sham battle which has been arranged for Monday July 5 at Lordship Park when the Boys Brigade will attack and attempt to capture the camp of the Boy Scouts there. The attaching force will consist of companies D, I and K under the command of Major William Bernhardt and Captain Seltsam. In the camp that is to be attacked are four patrols of the Boy Scouts under command of Major Armstrong. Members of the Boys Brigade will go to Lordship Park in special trolley cars arriving in the vicinity of the camp about midnight. Pickets and outposts will then be established and reconnoitering parties sent out to locate if possible the undefended approaches to the camp. Soon after daylight the skirmish line of the Boys Brigade will be sent forward and the attack on the camp will be made between 7 in the morning and 12 noon. On the contest will be decided whether or not the Boys Brigade companies can obtain a position where they could force the Boy Scouts from their camp. Blank cartridges will be used but no firing will be allowed when the advancing lines come within 50 yards of each other. This is the third sham battle in which the boys have participated. Their officers are all men and they take every precaution that no one shall be injured.

October 26, 1923 - LORDSHIP SCOUTS RECEIVE BADGES: There were ten boys present at the Boy Scout meeting this week. Scout Commissioner G. A. Williams of Bridgeport was present. Boys who were awarded their Tenderfoot badges are Normal Hassel, Robert Jacob and Homer Jasmin. November 12 the boys will appear before the Bridgeport Board of Review, Boy Scouts of America and if qualified will receive their second class badges.

November 10, 1923 - LORDSHIP SCOUTS ELECT LEADERS: The services of the Lordship Sunday school will be held at 3 pm Sunday, November 11 in the schoolhouse on Crown Street. Mr. Allen of the Bridgeport Christian Union will speak on "Only a Step." Special music has been arranged. The boys of the Lordship Scout Troop No. 1 have elected Hale Buffington and Walter Henderson as their patrol leaders. There were eighteen present at their meeting this week. Next Tuesday evening Scoutmaster W. G. Davis plans to have a campfire meeting on the beach at which several boys will be sworn in as tenderfoots. All men and boys are invited to meet at the school-grounds Saturday afternoon prepared to continue the work of improving the grounds and laying out a baseball diamond.

February 12, 1924 - The fourteenth anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America was observed at the services of the Lordship Sunday school last Sunday by an address given by the scoutmaster, William Davis of the Lordship troop. Mr. Turner of the Bridgeport Christian Union was the principal speaker. An orchestra offered special music. Sixty-nine were present. The board of governors of the Lordship Country Club held a meeting at the club recently at which a nominating committee was appointed. Plans were made for a Valentine social to be given Saturday Feb 16. A St. Patrick's dance was also mentioned. A large number were present at the dance last Saturday evening. Six of the Lordship Boy Scouts appeared before the Board of Review Monday evening. Those who took the first class tests were Walter Henderson, David Larson. Hale Buffington and Kenyon Ottaway. The second class tests were taken by Harvee Franz and Bobby Jacobs. All the "scout mothers" are invited to attend the regular meeting on Tuesday evening at the Country Club.

February 5, 1937 - LORDSHIP TROOP 74 EARNS MERIT BADGES; SCOUT VISITS MASS.: Charles Lindstrom Now Scoutmaster of Troop Sponsored by P.T.A. Ten Scouts Registered: Troop 74 which is sponsored by the Lordship Parent-Teacher Association was started in 1929 with a membership of 12 scouts. Harold Hallsworth was the first scoutmaster with Warren Brown, now manual training teacher at Bassick High School in Bridgeport as the troop chairman. The troop committee at that time consisted of Leon Botsford, Thomas Middleton, Pryce Bowen and Vincent Ketcham. The present scoutmaster of the troop is Charles Lindstrom who works in cooperation with the troop committee, Wilbur Robinson, chairman, Rudolph Murkette and Frank Healey. The assistant scoutmasters are Donald Johnson and Rudolph Smith. This particular troop has an enviable record as four years ago it earned 75 percent of all merit badges awarded in the town of Stratford. Donald Johnson, former scoutmaster was chosen as the outstanding scout in this district to go to Mohawk Village in Springfield, Mass in 1933. At the present time there are 10 scouts registered in the troop. The many events and affairs sponsored by the troop since its inception have had the support of the Lordship residents who have taken an active interest in the progress of the troop.


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November 26, 1940 - LORDSHIP PTA CUB PACK RECEIVES ITS CHARTER TONIGHT: Friday evening, November 28 will be a big night for the new Lordship PTA Cub Pack because its charter will be presented at 7:30 in the school auditorium by Bruce Taylor, field commissioner for the Boy Scouts. The Cub Pack members are: Ivan Hubbard, Robert Bergmark, John Saul, Richard Perregaux, Richard Way, Stuart Sammis, William Reilly, Kenneth Percell, Delbert Theiman, John Gallimore, Earl Selander, John Stobo, Byron Ludwig, Norton Ludwig, Kenneth Wardell. Assignments of the adults who will work with the new pack are: John Bergmark, Cubmaster, membership; Charles Callaghan, assistant cubmaster, public relations and activities; Edmund Butler, chairman, achievement program; Roger Perregaux, den dad, secretary and treasurer; Vincent Foley, den dad, education and training; John Saul, den dad, health and safety, equipment; Willard Robinson, den dad at large; Mrs. Willard Robinson, den mother at large; Mrs. Clarence Way den mother; Mrs. Roger Perregaux, den mother; Mrs. John Saul, den mother; Paul Bjork, den chief; Charles Callaghan Jr., den chief; Edgar Way, den chief; William Robertson, den chief.


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April 10, 1952 - THE SEA EXPLORERS: The crew of the Lordship Sea Explorer Ship The Barracuda is looking forward to better cruising this summer since the purchase of an eighteen foot sloop. The boys will be kept pretty busy now preparing their two boats for launching.

June 3, 1952: PLANES SEARCH SOUND FOR FOUR SEA SCOUTS: Two airplanes dropped flares into pitch black Long Island Sound here tonight in hopes of locating four teenage Sea Scouts who set sail in a small sailboat this afternoon. One of the missing was a girl, Cynthia Weller, 16 of Stratford. A Coast Guard patrol boat and private crafts were also in the search. Police searching parties combed the shoreline and the banks near the mouth of the Housatonic River. Missing since 3 pm were William Rabineau, 15, Lee Melcher, 14, Grant Wilkinson, 14 and the girl. All are of Stratford. Police said the boat was a Lightning Class sailboat owned by Sea Scout Ship 74 of the Lordship Community Church here. The youths were reported missing at 9 pm tonight by Francis Weller, father of the girl. Stratford Police Sgt. Charles Toothill said he summoned the Coast Guard at Northport, Long Island and asked for the two planes from Stratford Airport to drop flares over the water. Many other private boats joined the search, Sgt. Toothill said.

June 22, 1961 - CUB SCOUT SOFTBALL: Pack 73 of Nichols School swept through the season with a perfect 7-0 record to cop the league title. The club wrapped up the season with a 31-9 win over Lordship 74. Other final day scores were: Eli Whitney 13 to 12 over Lordship 77; Garden 25 to 5 over Franklin and Stonybrook over Birdseye 22 to 17. Final Standings are: Nichols 7-0, Garden 6-1, Lordship Troop 77 at 4-3, Eli Whitney 4-3, Franklin 3-4, Stonybrook 3-4, Birdseye 2-5 and Lordship Troop 74 at 0-7.


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