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The History of Lordship

Stratford, Connecticut

Lordship, the land at the southern tip of Stratford, jutting into the heart of Long Island Sound. The first inhabitants of Lordship were the Paugussetts who had a large village at Fresh (Frash) Pond, but had encampments at Stratford Point and at Indian Well. Indian Well was a fresh water pond where the old trolley line crossed Duck Neck Creek just north of the rotary near the firehouse. When the first settlers arrived in 1639, they found that Indians were using this area to plant corn, so there was little clearing necessary. Originally Lordship, called Great Neck, was a Common Field worked and owned by settlers who returned home to the safety of the palisade fort at night. Richard Mills was the first to build a farmhouse in Great Neck in the western end near present day Second Avenue. He sold his estate to Joseph Hawley in 1650 and moved. It is in connection with his name that the term Lordship is first found, as applied to a meadow on what is still known as the Lordship farm. It is said in deeds of land - 1650 to 1660 several times, Mills Lordship and the Lordship Meadow. Richard Beach came to Stratford with a family and in 1662, he purchased one of five acres on west point of the Neck, butted south upon the meadow called Mills Lordship. In colonial days, Lordship was a desolate and feared place. There were a few farms and very little trees on the windswept landscape. Breezy Point (north end of Stratford Road) was thought to be haunted and was avoided at night. According to legend, witches and their servants would build bonfires there to lure ships onto the rocks along the beach.

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Lordship in 1918 - A 360 degree view


1918 Lordship 360 degree view


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