Lordship has had many legendary dining spots during its history.

August 10, 1958: GANIM DAIRY BAR IN LORDSHIP SOLD TO MARACZI CO: The sale of the dairy bar and refreshment concession at Ahearns Playground in Stratford was confirmed yesterday by Attorney Raymond Ganim, one of two stockholders in the business. The concession stand located near the Bridgeport Airport on Stratford Road was sold to Maraczi Co., which formerly operated a refreshment stand on Boston Avenue. The purchase price was not disclosed by Ganim or Attorney Robert Lesser who represented Bela (Bill) Maraczi in the negotiations but the price was reported to be one of the highest ever paid for a refreshment stand in this area. Ganim stressed that the Playland area to the rear of the concession stand was not included in the sale and will continue to be operated by Playland Inc., of which Ganim, Katherine Ahearn and Louis Prussin are stockholders. Ganim and Mrs. Ahearn had each owned one-half of the dairy bar until the sale was completed. Final contract signings are expected within several days. Lesser said the name Maraczi would probably be used for the business. The dairy bar was built by the late Neil Ahearn seven years ago and the Playland was added four seasons ago.


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February 23, 1961 - MARACZIS 30 YEAR TRADITION: The extras that make one refreshment stand the choice over all others have been trademarks with Maraczis Drive-In, Lordship, ever since the family ventured into the business of serving the outdoor eating demands of this area thirty years ago. Prompt service, cleanliness, courtesy and above all just plain good food and drinks have been unmistakable traits of the Maraczi manner of dealing with the public. Bela and Mary Maraczi who own the popular drive-in on Stratford Road adjacent to the Municipal Airport have been pioneers in their business. Their Seaside Park refreshment stand opened in 1931 was the originator of the dog with the works, now a byword with refreshment stand patrons. The famous Maraczi hotdog has included at the customers option, mustard, relish, bacon and a generous portion of sauerkraut. The Maraczis left the Seaside Park site after nineteen years which saw several additions to the building and opened a new drive-in on Boston Avenue at North Avenue. About three years ago the family leased the Bridgeport location and moved to the Stratford site. The Lordship stand is managed by Bill Maraczi Jr. assisted by Bill York, but Mrs. Maraczi admits she enjoys being around the kitchen to lend a hand whenever needed. It is a natural reaction after nearly three decades of serving the segment of the public that must eat our and that portion which just enjoys the assortment of taste treats emanating in the modern Maraczi magic kitchen. Selection is important to the customer, the Maraczis emphasize and they have provided for a menu that leaves little to be desired. A variety of 35 types of sandwiches, hot or cold, including such specialties as pastrami, veal cutlet and countless others are available with incredible speed. The Maraczi ice cream section highlighting a half dozen flavors each of which is made in the stands own machines, is one of the most popular shops in town during the summer months. When the Maraczis became an important part of Stratford in 1958 they undertook an extensive remodeling program at the stand. The modernly equipped kitchen, enclosed vestibule which is heated in the winter months for customer comfort were just two of the important changes made with the customer in mind. A summer time staff of about 15 expertly prepares the taste delights available. It is an amazing process to watch the skilled window staff make a long line, a short line in no time at all and with the maximum of efficiency. Serving speed has been a familiar extra the Maraczi family has offered its grateful patrons for years. Before the order is placed there is little problem finding a place to put the car. The parking area surrounding the spacious 40 x 60 drive-in accommodates about 200 autos. During the summer months the wooden benches and tables near the stand are always filled with those who choose to enjoy the breezes sweeping in from nearby Long Island Sound while they leisurely munch at the delightful offerings from the Maraczi kitchen. Maraczis is usually open too. Summer hours are from 10 am until 11:30 pm except on Saturday when the windows are shut one half hour later. On Sunday the stand is open at 11 am. The Maraczis fully realize that the something extra placed into serving the public is fully rewarded. It is not unusual to see customers driving from surrounding towns, especially to make the stop at the Stratford Road refreshment area. It is almost impossible to take that picturesque family ride to Lordship and the Stratford beaches without being strongly tempted to visit the inviting windows at Maraczis. Folks have been unable to resist the temptation for the last thirty years. Note: The last Maraczi drive-in, located practically on the runway of Sikorsky Airport in Stratford, was sold in 1963, the same year Bela Maraczi, the hard working Hungarian immigrant who served his first hot dog in 1931, died.


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