August 28, 1955 - PALANCES ENJOY LORDSHIP: The Shakespeare Theaters big name stars have found a bonus in Stratford, the joys of family fun made possible by the seashore country atmosphere. The stars came from California and New York, dedicated to the severe chore of mastering Shakespeare roles. In Stratford and Fairfield County they found beaches, beautiful countryside and playgrounds. The actors soon brought their wives, children and even the family pets to Stratford for a season of onstage work and offstage vacationing. On the beaches, in the grocery stores and on the shaded streets famous actors blend into Stratfords languid summer setting. The rigor of continuous rehearsals, matinees and daily performances leave few moments of free time for the actors. Therefore the proximity of Lordship Beach has made it a favorite spot for the stars of the company. The biggest attraction of Stratford for the children is the dozens of playmates they have discovered, unlike Hollywood or New York, Mrs. Jack Palance, wife of the star enthuses. Mr. and Mrs. Palance are living on Lordship Drive with their daughters, Holly, 5, and Brooke, 3. Drives into the country, excursions to amusement parks and the beaches delight the Palances. Holly and Brooke will never forget Stratford. They practically live on Lordship Beach and have acquired a pet. Zipper the stray cat they found at the theater follows them everywhere.


Kim Hunter 1961

February 18, 1960 - SCENE IS FILMED ON LORDSHIP SITE: The Remington Arms company´┐Żs skeet shooting facility in Lordship yesterday became the setting for a scene in MGM's forthcoming motion picture, "Butterfield Eight." Present for yesterday's shooting of the film, which stars Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, Eddie Fisher, were the two other principal actors of the cast. Lawrence Harvey and Dina Merrill, who play the part of an estranged couple. The picture is based on a story written by novelist John O'Hara and the title is a New York City telephone exchange. In addition to the two actors, there was a technical crew of about 50 persons present to arrange the skeet shooting sequence and operate several pieces of equipment and power lines. The entire group arrived on location about 7:15 a. m. and they remained at the skeet club most of the day. Daniel Mann, picture director, said the actual shooting of the film began Feb. 8 and will continue 46 days if all goes as scheduled. All the scenes will be filmed in New York City and in locations such as Lordship. Remington granted use of the skeet club grounds after a request had been received from the MGM studios. In the film, Miss Taylor portrays ''the other woman" who schemes to steal Lawrence Harvey away from Dina Merrill. However, before the film ends, marriage triumphs and Liz Taylor is killed in an auto accident. MGM motion picture stars, cameramen and technical crews arrived at the Remington Arms Lordship Skeet club yesterday morning to shoot a scene in the forthcoming picture, "Butterfield Eight." Acting in the skeet shooting sequence and holding shotguns are Lawrence Harvey and Dina Merrill. The film also stars Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, Eddie Fisher. In the left background is the Stratford lighthouse and the low building beyond the actors is a trap house from which clay pigeons are hurled automatically for skeet shooting.

The clay targets were shot and broken mid flight behind the scenes by Lordships' own Ted McCarthy. Ted worked many years for Remington Arms, was on the first Skeet Team in the world to break 500 for 500.


Filmed between 1981 and 1983, this concerns the struggle for survival among a small group of shipwreck survivors on a secluded island. The opening beach scenes were filmed in 1981 on Russian Beach at the foot of Cove Place. The rest of the movie was filmed in the woods of Fairfield.

In 1920, a ship goes down in the middle of the ocean. The survivors are crowded onto a big lifeboat where personalities are beginning to clash. After a time, they spot land and end up on a lovely island. But, the island has acid lakes and something tiny and vicious lurking in the darkness. When they least expect it, the beast creatures attack. Tiny little monsters in waves of teeth and little spears. Will they survive? Or will they be food for the monsters? Directed by Michael Stanley. The film was released in 1985.


Hell Island


Hell Island


Hell Island Beach